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Tremec Needs a Rebuild, Recommendations???

Aerocoupe 14.02.2015, 18:48
I have a Tremec TKO that I bought back in '98 and I'm pretty sure it needs some attention. I messaged 1bad306 to see if he was still around as his last post was back in late 2013. Anyone have suggestions for someone to take this to? I would prefer to find someone in the Tulsa area but I do travel to OKC on a regular basis. I used to live in Houston and know the guys down there that could do it blind folded but it's been ten years since I moved away from OK so I don't have a clue who is good up here anymore.

Thanks for any suggestions or recommendations.
Aerocoupe 27.03.2015, 20:55
Just said to hell with it and opened it up myself. The shift ford pads got replaced (not really needed but since I was in there) and I also tightened up the input shaft end play. Recommended by Tremec is 0.000" - 0.004" so I set it at 0.002" after ordering two shim packs. Was definitely worth it as it was never this smooth shifting even when it was new. Guess I will be checking input shaft end play in any new manual transmissions I get from here on out.

Kuma 01.04.2015, 16:37
Congrats on getting it figured out yourself. If anyone knows someone who does a good job on manual transmissions in the state, it would be useful info. I had to ship my t56 to Texas Drivetrain Performance because the only guy I could find was the one that did farmtruck's transmission in Yukon, and he wanted $1100 more than TDP, even after shipping. Guess his time got worth a lot more after his 15seconds of fame.
Aerocoupe 22.04.2015, 20:33
I talked with 1bad306 (Darrel) and he offered to look at it and from the posts on here he is pretty damn good at going through them. He is in Jenks, OK so for the OKC crowd its a little bit of a drive but if he is willing to do the work then nothing like supporting someone else's car habit. My guess is a shop is going to charge more just because of the overhead.

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