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f/s or trade looking for a notch back

sn95bth 25.01.2015, 23:46
Wanting to trade for a notch or sell this . Its the shell with mike duffy cage
.... .... .... ....
sn95bth 25.01.2015, 23:47
King Dingaling 26.01.2015, 16:15
Who welded cage?
joshgn 26.01.2015, 17:24
mike the ad fag...duh..
King Dingaling 26.01.2015, 19:03
Hey faggot, it says it's his cage... I have seen a bunch of Duffy cages shipped out duffys door and who knows who welded it.

If you look at the back down bars, the welding appears to be mig not tig.
If it's a Duffy installed cage there should be a Duffy tag on it to clear it up.
joshgn 27.01.2015, 07:02
the only thing i see duffy about that that its a mustang...
anfrobodine 29.01.2015, 04:40
Is there a Duffy tag? Was it certed? If so when?
StreakerOk 29.01.2015, 12:48
Pm sent.

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