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FS 1997 mustang GT project

MADHATTER 25.01.2015, 19:21
Looking to sell my 97 GT that I haven't been able to finish.
Just looking to get back some of the money I've spent on it.
I wish I was able to finish it up but my back is way too bad now & can't stay leaning over the engine bay long enough to get it finished up & don't have the funds to pay someone to do it for me.
For someone that knows these 4.6's, they could probably have it back on the road in a good weekends work.
I have all the parts to get back together & running.

Body is very straight but paint is flaking in some areas.
Interior is pretty nice as well. (Front seats have covers from wear)
Transmission does shift smooth.
(will need a throw out bearing eventually) "can feel it with foot touching clutch pedal"
Car does have a bad head gasket on D/S.
Started the process of doing a PI swap, currently have the intake off, wiring harness underhood & some front accessories off.

The PI heads are from a 99 mustang GT, just had them checked by a machinist & had new valve guides installed. (Cams need reinstalled)
Head surfaces are good, valve seats are goood, (no bent valves) springs good, etc...

PI Intake is from an 04 GT (alum. crossover) has professional products 75mm TB & plenum.

Comes with a complete new engine gasket set.

Car comes with many new parts, some haven't been installed yet & still in boxes.
Subframe connectors - not installed
1.5-2" drop springs - installed
UPR caster camber plates - installed
D/S window regulator - not installed
O/R H-pipe - not installed
97 cobra mufflers & tailpipes (very nice cond) - not installed
Staggered anthracite bullett's - installed
17X9" with 275/40's front / 17X10.5" 315/35's rear (1 brand new nitto & 1 almost new nitto)
Eibach rear sway bar - installed

I'm sure there are other new & used parts that I've picked up & can't think of at the moment.
I'm just trying to get back some of the money I've got in.
Just difficult for me to work on it with a very bad back & not much time to mess with it cause of work & family.
Car ran & drove when I bought it, just had a pretty bad miss.
Guy I bought the car from lied to me & told me it had a bad injector.
"My fault for being to trustworthy of other people"
I have many pictures of engine disassembly.
I'm not going to part it out yet, id like to sell it complete right now.
Sell as is with no extra parts for $2300.
Or everything, all parts included for $3500.

Trying to buy a buddy's 94/95 mustang, thats the other reason for selling this 97 GT.
(Im not too familiar with these modular engines, wanting to go back to a 5.0)

Car is located in Yukon.
If you need any other pics or would like to come by & see the car, just hit me up.
If you have any questions please PM me or call/text me @ (4******2
Thanks, Johnny.

MADHATTER 25.01.2015, 22:48
Couple more pics.
MADHATTER 27.01.2015, 00:13
May trade too, trades considered: (may be a long shot but)
Foxbody mustang - prefer 5.0/5spd but will look at 4cyl/5spd. (If you have a nice 4cyl/5spd coupe, I'd be interested)
94-95 mustang 5.0/5spd.
Reg cab/short bed Sonoma or S-10 (would like 4.3 V6/auto trans)

If I trade, I'd like something running & driving.
Physically can't get into another project that needs a lot of engine/drivetrain work.
I don't mind fixing something up & able to drive it.
Thanks in advance, Johnny
MADHATTER 15.02.2015, 21:29
Going to sell as a roller or part out.
Picking up a 94 GT & need the funds for it & this car has to go.
Prices are negotiable but there's some parts listed previously I'm going to use for my 94 GT.

Rather sell complete but will part out too.
Sell for $3500 (OBO) for everything.

If you only want parts, (especially motor or trans) I'll need your help to pull/remove.
I do not have a cherry picker.
(Bullitt wheels not for sale & do not have the split 5 spoke wheels anymore)
I will have a set of 17" Mach 1 wheels/tires. (I'll list a price on those when I have in my possession)

Car has a set of 1.5-2" drop springs installed. (Eibach sportlines)
Body is really straight, couple spots where paint is flaking.
Sell as a roller (minus wheels/tires & motor/trans) $2000
Bring your own roller wheels or I'll sell with a set of 17" Mach 1 wheels/tires for $2500.

*PI parts are not installed*
4.6l sohc 2v with PI heads, cams, intake w/professional products 75mm TB & plenum, 19lb injectors, fuel rails & complete engine gasket set.
*Gasket set is PI specific*
Sell complete motor with PI parts & gasket set. - $800

*PI swap parts only*
heads, cams, intake with 75mm PP throttle body & plenum & complete eng. gasket set. - $550
Heads have new valve seals.
All surfaces, valves & seats checked good.

Short block with stock non PI heads. - $250 (needs head gasket on D/S)
*I do not have head gaskets for non PI motor, auto parts store has those gaskets for around $100*

T45 5-speed trans - $400 (shifts smooth, no grinds etc..)
Trans comes with clutch assy. & stock shifter.

O/R H-pipe - $130 (brand new, never installed)
Don't remember brand.

97 cobra mufflers & tailpipes (very nice cond) - $130

Not ready to sell interior separately yet, would like to leave it in if sold as a roller.

Was in process of doing a PI swap & currently have the upper part of engine apart.
(Intake off, engine wiring unhooked, some front accessories off)
Have not been able to complete the PI swap cause of my bad back.
I'm just gonna cut my losses & move on to another project.

There may be other parts that I can't really think of & I'll update as I find xtra stuff.
If you have any questions or offers, please text or PM me.
If there are specific parts you need that I haven't listed, please pm or text me.
Thanks, Johnny
MADHATTER 04.03.2015, 17:25
Thanks Ashogan
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