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2 very nice ar15s noveske and bcm

drgracin72 17.01.2015, 22:33
I've got my eye on a gun I used to own that has come back up for sale. I would like to sell one of these rifle to help fund it.

First up is a factory noveske n4, that was sent back to noveske and rebarrel with an 14.5" Afghan barrel. Has a perm attached pws muzzle comp. Rifle has about a thousand rounds through it and is buttery smooth. Mid length gas system. Changed out the stock to a sopmod like I run on all of my rifles. It also wears an aimpoint t1 2moa in a Daniel defense tall mount. Has a noveske qd sling attachment on the rail. Noveske marked troy buis. Bcm grip. This is a factory rifle and will include the certificate of authenticity from noveske. $2400


Second gun is a bcm build I did. The upper is a 16" hammer forged barrel. Wears their newest keymod handrail and is 15" long. Lower is an Anderson, with a Daniel defense lpk, bcm buffer, buffer tube and spring, and sopmod stock. Tango down grip. Has yhm flip up sights. Also wears a aimpoint t1 2moa, but on a LaRue 660 medium mount. I built this for the wife and she loved it. Might have 100 rounds through it so far. Still in perfect condition. $1950

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