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Home Decor Items

low03tb 09.01.2015, 20:29
4'x3' (roughly). Purchased @ At Home (aka Garden Ridge). Perfect condition. No smoking/pets/etc house. Purchased for $110, but I'll let it go for $65 for a quick sale.
Attachment 70592Attachment 70593

Sonoma Fabric Ottoman's (18"x18"x22")-- Had them next to each other for a coffee table type look for roughly 4-5 months; 2 for sale; In perfect shape, come with the wooden feet (dark wood), but we had them off (also good condition); No stains, non-smoking/pet house!!; $50/ea. or $90/both. New they're $70+tax/each
Attachment 70594Attachment 70595
Attachment 70596
low03tb 04.02.2015, 17:37
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