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okhatch 23.12.2014, 02:47
I have 3 go pros

i have an original go pro, it works fine just have to have in the case to keep the memory card in it (retention clip is messed up) it has the water proof case with it.

I have a go pro 2 that comes with the WiFi bac- pac and non water proof case.
And I have a gopro 3 and it has the waterproof case.

Also have a suction cup mount, tripod mount, 3m sticky mount and a helmet mount.

Want to sell them together $325 oboThey all work, i just don't use them.
99Cobradude 23.12.2014, 14:25
I'd be interested if you want to split them up
JesStang 23.12.2014, 15:15
Have you seen if Trevor wants another one?
okhatch 23.12.2014, 15:51
No I have not jes, but I will... also I will split them up, I have a buyer for the one right now.
99Cobradude 23.12.2014, 17:02
Prices and which models are left?
newedge2k 23.12.2014, 21:01
Is the Hero 3 still available?
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