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need it gone, 1970 Mustang Fastback

flip4eva83 12.12.2014, 04:34
1970 Mustang Fastback, its a base model, came with 302 3spd. Currently it has a 289 4 barrel 3spd toploader. The motor and tranny are good, not sure how good, but it does run and move under its own power. I just got done rebuilding the front suspension.

Bare with me, Im going to try and list all the parts I have.

Seats have new upholstery on them, I wasnt planning it being a show car so I put it on myself, its not bad at all, but the front seat backs could use a couple more hog clips to tighten it up. The fronts also have new seat foam and new bottom frame and new sliders.

I just put on a new battery fender apron and front crossmember. New floors and seat platforms have been welded in. Currently working on the passenger side qtr.

The following have not been installed.

Battery box tray. $10
Seat platforms $120
Full length floors
Upholstery kit $244
Carpet kit
Headliner $36
Dashpad cover $95
Seat Foam $190
Seat track assembly $135
Seat bottom Frame L/R $325
Door/Ign lock set $33
glove box/trunk lock set $38
tank to pump fuel lines. $67
Weather strip kit $257
Gas tank $100
Fuel pump
Rear quarter skins both sides
Front fenders $230/ea
Seat belts
Door Handles
Front/rear valances

SSBC Manual Disc Brake Conversion A121 w/ big bite brake upgrade. $1300
Prothane Bushing Kit $114
Upper Balljoints $55
Spring Perch $70
Spring Insulators $7
KYB Shock kit $100

These are all the parts that are new. Thats easily over $4000 worth of new parts. No telling how many hours in labor I have in the car, what I've done would've easily cost $2k+

The car currently has an 8inch out back. Needs a windshield all other glass is good, no cracks.

Comes with a fairly decent hood, blasted to bare metal.

Car IS titled and black tagged. It will be rolling on ford slotted mags, needs tires.

Do not contact me offering me $4250, I will politely decline your offer. This is not OBO, if you can find a running, tagged(up to date) fastback mustang for less then I am wanting, jump on it. If you know Fastback Mustangs, then you know this is more then fair with the amount of parts that come with it.
Text or call 4******0, may take trade (must be able to dd) and cash
**PRICE DROP $7k OBO, just bought a house, can't take it with.**

Pics can be seen here.
flip4eva83 14.12.2014, 23:06
Would do a trade plus cash for something that I can DD. Prefer v8, stick mustang
flip4eva83 18.12.2014, 18:28
Buy this!
flip4eva83 05.02.2015, 00:41
92BlackGT 05.02.2015, 05:31
craigslist link no worky
flip4eva83 06.02.2015, 23:11
flip4eva83 28.04.2015, 00:14
Buummmp, $6500 OBO or partial trade for a DDable manual fox gt or Notch 5.0 ....
Soonerfan51 29.04.2015, 15:58
Would you consider parting out some of the parts that are "not installed" yet?
DEEZ-67 29.04.2015, 17:26
If you do part out let me know also.... I need a motor and trans
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