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Springfield XD9 with accessories and ammo

Phoenix 11.12.2014, 21:28
Attachment 70532Attachment 70533Attachment 70534

Only had about 200 through it, since I bought it years ago. Comes with all Springfield accessories, plus an extra mag (3 total), and 575 rounds of ammo. There's 75 rounds of Hornady home defense rounds and the rest is Remington. I believe 200 of it is hollow point. I really don want to get rid of it, but we could really use the money.

First $500 takes it.
Phoenix 17.12.2014, 00:14
Also has Blackhawk Serpa holster.
Phoenix 17.12.2014, 17:15
He not only had DH and FB to contact me, he has my cell and knows where my club is. If he wants it, he can find me. LOL

It's a fantastic handgun. I hate to get rid of it. Just need them dollahZ right now. :(
Phoenix 19.12.2014, 02:47
FiveLeeter 12.01.2015, 18:06
is this still available Landon? It's full size right, not compact?
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