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94-95 questions

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mylittleponie 29.10.2014, 14:33
Who's good with 94-95 mustangs that I can pick thier brain with questions that a lot of people can't answer my questions
Aerocoupe 30.10.2014, 13:26
Can you be a little more specific on what you are wanting to know? Not everyone knows everything about those cars but I am sure there are a few people that might know enough to help you out if you narrowed it down a little.

mylittleponie 31.10.2014, 02:51
Well the main one I have is, what could cause the iac to throw a code but has a new one on it. I unplug it while it's running and it almost dies plug it in and hear the air threw the breather till it sets it self.
Aerocoupe 12.11.2014, 19:49
You need to do a base idle reset.


mylittleponie 13.11.2014, 02:18
Done it several times! Does no good! I think I have figured out that the sct chip that goes in the computer is not tuned right at all! So saving money to do a stand alone mega squirt system so I can tune it to where it needs to be and know it's right instead of paying people every time I want to change something! Or in this case pay money to find out that person doesn't know what they are doing either
Aerocoupe 13.11.2014, 13:49
What mods have been done to the car to warrant the SCT chip? Have you tried it without the chip? I know that before I got my SCT chip I had to do a base idle reset, adjust the timing to 10 degrees, and do a basic tune up (cap, rotor, and plugs). The plug wires and fuel filter were just about new so I did not mess wit those. The car ran fine without the chip but it made more power across the board with it and my fuel mileage picked up.

MeyersTravisL 25.11.2014, 20:49
MeyersTravisL 01.12.2014, 23:20
imajeenyas 01.12.2014, 23:50
10seclx 01.12.2014, 23:50
imajeenyas 02.12.2014, 00:57
10seclx 02.12.2014, 01:17
imajeenyas 02.12.2014, 02:00
MeyersTravisL 08.12.2014, 23:18
MeyersTravisL 08.12.2014, 23:27
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