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01 Mustang Wheel swap with American Racing Wheel?

sknitsloa 26.10.2014, 02:20
I put 01 Billet Wheels (gun metal gray) on my 65 Mustang and I need 17x7 for the front instead of the 17x9's I currently have. Ford doesn't make one that narrow. I thought I read somewhere where the original Ford wheels were made by American Racing. My question is this-is there an AR wheel I can buy that will look the same as the ones I have? I am just looking to save a little $$$. Thanks!

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Ezekial 30.10.2014, 17:46
Depends where you bought your replicas. I have seen some vendors sell replicas in 17x8 and some sell 17x9.

17x8 will fit your car, though I think a 245 is pretty tight IIRC, so maybe you can look for someone selling that size instead. I have never seen a 17x7.
DEEZ-67 31.10.2014, 14:03
I was going to put my 05 billets on my 67. They are 17x7.5 but since my 67 is so low I need to have the fronts cut down about an 1" before they will fit. There was someone on here selling a set with tires for $200.

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