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5.0 swap in a 75 Pinto

tintmaster 25.10.2014, 21:32
Well keeping my pinto and just got a deal on a swap kit. A 5.0 from a 86 Lincoln Mark 7 COMPLETE, harness, and computer, AOD, shifter, alternator, A/C compressor. Not sure how to tell what or how good the computer is. I plan on just freshening up the motor and trans to get it in and going. Then next year build a 351 stroker!!

Is this a decent start with the computer? And is there anything I can eliminate to make it more simple? Attachment 70238Attachment 70239Attachment 70240Attachment 70241Attachment 70242Attachment 70243
donsbad89 29.10.2014, 00:13
86 speed density computer. Will work fine if you leave the cam and injectors alone.
DEEZ-67 29.10.2014, 14:35
I was thinking it was a new 5.0.
Desi 03.11.2014, 19:17
You have my attention.. pics of said car?
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