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351w in a 65 / 66 mustang install

533stroker 18.10.2014, 13:04
Just finished this install last night . If anyone plans to convert let me give you some hints.
Headers are the biggest issue. Swap headers are recommended but if you are cheap like me you can use manifolds. Stock 351 will not work and hit the shock towers . I used early 289 stock manifolds. Also going to 67 to 69 style saddle motor mounts give you a little more clearance. When done I had about a Nickle thickness in each side !!!! Bolt on exhaust manifolds before install !
orangeRcode 20.10.2014, 13:43
Good info! Thanks for sharing.
john-dickjr 04.02.2015, 20:49
i have a 393w in my 62 falcon, i used swap header for a 64-66 mustang
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