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Fuel system for turbo questions

BlckCobra 21.09.2014, 14:00
Ok so I'm building a 4.6 modular it has been stroked to 5.0 and I am running a blow through carbureted setup. I'm new to carbs and was wondering when I comes to fuel pumps what should I look for? I know I need a boost referenced regulator but does the pump matter or can I just use a high gph pump?
eightfivemustang 21.09.2014, 15:43

I've been reading a lot on that site. There's some good info on there.
BlckCobra 21.09.2014, 18:34
Awesome info, according to that math I need 27psi (7+15+5) and 300/lb/hr (650 x .6)? Which divided by 6 is 50gph this doesn't sound right to me
eightfivemustang 21.09.2014, 20:32
A lot of what I've read most use an a1000 or a2000 I went with a magnafuel prostar 500 because I got a good deal on it. And an aero motive 13204 regulator I think it is.
BlckCobra 22.09.2014, 00:28
Is the a1000 usable on the street?
eightfivemustang 22.09.2014, 10:37
Some people say no some say yes. From what I read if you use a giant return line they will last On the street.
broke again 22.09.2014, 14:03
i am going to try a aeromotive stealth 340 in tank for my blow thru build.
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