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Clutch Recommendations?

OkieHog 19.09.2014, 18:19
Building a 347. X-Cam, Cobra Upper and lower, GT-40 heads, worked slightly. Car has a roll bar, tubular front, etc..

Building this for a bit of driving but not gonna race it. Will be selling not long after completion is the plan.

What clutch would be best to install, to let the prospective future buyer that this is put together right??

And, where is the best place to get recommended cam at the best price?
Aerocoupe 01.10.2014, 19:26
King Cobra and ditch the X cam. Call Comp and get a cam recommended for your build as it will make more hp and usable torque than that X cam will ever make. If you were going to keep it I would tell you to pony up the $$$ and get an Ed Curtis cam but since you are selling it no sense in the extra $100 for the custom grind.

OkieHog 02.10.2014, 11:46
Why ditch the X cam? I thought this was supposed to be a great cam. Info is appreciated!
Aerocoupe 02.10.2014, 12:12
Here is the issue at hand, the cam is the brain of the whole motor. A good engine builder or better yet cam guru will ask you for a build sheet which will be comprised of details like engine base, cubic inches, if stroked the info on the rods and crank throw, compression ratio, heads (valves sizes, flow rates, runner volume, combustion chamber volume, if they have been ported), intake info (ported or not), carb or fuel injected (then more questions on that once you have answered that question), transmission (if auto stall rpm), rear gears, rear tire info, exhaust get the picture.

So with all of that information needed when a person just throws a letter cam at a motor it makes me wonder WTF they are thinking. Will one work? Sure as the sun will rise but the question should be what is the best cam I can put in the motor I am going to build that is within my budget. Its free to call Comp and have them spec a cam for your car. If afterwards the X Cam has the same specs then run it but something tells me it is not the best cam for that combo.

5.0man 06.10.2014, 22:15
Ive always had grat results with a centerforce. Like stock pedal feel and great holding power.

I agree with Darren. The x cam is too much for that motor. I dont think a slightly massages set of gt40 heads will flow enough to use the amount of lift the x cam has. I planned to run an x in my old motor (347, afr heads, etc. )and it wasnt optimized for my combo at all. The car will run and perform way better with a cam that was built to that combo. Just because its big doesn't always mean it's better. Yes, you can have too much cam.
OkieHog 08.10.2014, 12:19
Thanks for the input, guys! So, what would be the best cam? I am thinking now something along the line of the CompCam 280 series. Pretty strong street cam, and it should work fine with my heads and intake, right?

More input is welcomed!
92BlackGT 08.10.2014, 12:52
Call up Ed! my lil 302 puts down 305rwhp 330 rwtq, has great driveability, gets good gas mileage and has plenty of vacuum for my brakes with one of his cams
OkieHog 08.10.2014, 13:05

Originally Posted by 92BlackGT:

Call up Ed! my lil 302 puts down 305rwhp 330 rwtq, has great driveability, gets good gas mileage and has plenty of vacuum for my brakes with one of his cams

Who is Ed? :-) Got a # for me? Or is he at CompCams?

donsbad89 08.10.2014, 22:28
I ran a comp custom grind on my last 347. Made 385 rwhp and 488 ft.lbs thru a non-locking C4 auto
Aerocoupe 09.10.2014, 11:29
Ed Curtis at .... and he frequents as well. He is probably one of the best custom cam guys around right now other than Jay Allen. If you want to run a Comp Cam then just call Comp and they will spec one for you. Unless you understand ramp rates, overlap, and a few other timing events with cams its pretty hard to look at a camp builders off the shelf list of cams and see what you need. Another thing that would be good to do unless you already know this stuff would be to get on Comp's website and start reading up on cam timing events, it will truly open your eyes.

My 306 with one of Ed's cams put down similar numbers to 92BlackGT's with 318 / 331 to the rear wheels on a Mustang dyno. He told me the cam would work better in a 331 or 347 so I built a 331 and am waiting to get it on the dyno and tuned so hopefully it puts down some respectable numbers.

alenytba 18.10.2014, 00:58
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Kuma 19.12.2014, 07:21
if you haven't gotten a clutch yet, monster is having a sale until the end of the year. I don't know if they make them for your application, but I think they have $125 off all clutch kits. I hear nothing but good things about it, including its more streetable than spec.
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