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E85 on bbf

anfrobodine 13.09.2014, 07:42
Im building a little bbf setup and wondering if any of you guys have ran e85 on one. Can anyone give me pros and cons from personal experience. Motor should be decent high compression ~12:1. This will be a mostly strip setup, but I would also like to be able to drive it on the street and not break the bank running expensive ass race gas every time I want to take it out, hence the e85 idea. Is it feasible to run e85 on a bbf, and if so what do I need fuel system wise to run it other than a e85 carb? Are there any tuning issues on ethanol, and how does it respond to nitrous? Also anyone know of anyone in the area that does gas-e85 carb conversions?
circletrack5.0 13.09.2014, 07:47
start here...

wheels123 22.09.2014, 00:53
I have a 524 BBF with P-51 heads (12.8 to 1 comp.) in a fox, runs mid 9's on e85. Mark Sullens is the guy you want to build the carb. I put mine on, set the idle and was done.
wheels123 22.09.2014, 00:54
E85 and NOS work very well together.
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