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Spark plug question

mustangracer84 03.09.2014, 21:24
I was wondering if anyone can answer this for me... When I go to the parts store (autozone/Oreillys) and grab an oem replacement ford motorcraft platinum spark plug and then every other suggested replacement plug, the replacements are shorter by quite a bit...enough that they don't even reach into the cylinder. I've checked this on svo aluminum heads, e7's and gt40p heads and it's all the same result... Any plug other than the motorcraft platinum doesn't reach... I'd imagine that can't be conducive to the combustion process... Just wondering if anyone knows why they do this, and if there is a "copper" replacement plug that has the proper reach?
Blue'03SVT 04.09.2014, 10:37
Which motor are you referring to?' I m assuming you mean a 5.0 since you mentioned the E7 heads? If so, back when I had a 5.0, the cheap go to plug were the Auto lite 25's.
mustangracer84 04.09.2014, 11:14
Yeah, basically sbf, since the 302/351 heads interchange...
donsbad89 10.09.2014, 20:07
Stock E7s use autolite 25, Gt40s use 764 I believe, and most aluminum use the gasketed 3924 which I have have verified enter the chamber (the 3924)
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