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Gt40 questions

jcolbert43 09.08.2014, 06:00
So I bought a wrecked 95 gt 6 months ago and have steadily been trying to bring it back from the dead. Finally fixed every problem I could find and found out I have an issue with crank case over pressurization caused by bag valve springs and an e303 cam. In short is factory Springs and now I'm risking losing my precious because of a retarded idea by the previous owner. So what I need to know Is if I switch to the gt40 heads from an explorer what all do I need to change? Can I stick with my current upper and lower plenum or does that have to be swapped out too and would anyone have a set of gt40s for a decent price? I'd rather get them from here than Craigslist or some back alley bs.
po-po 5.0 09.08.2014, 15:44
GT40s are a direct bolt on. However, GT40s are rare on an explorer. GT40Ps are much more common. They're still a good head, but the plug angle will require special headers to avoid burning the plug boots.
jcolbert43 23.04.2015, 09:00
Thank you for the advice, i wasnt able to find a decent set of heads that werent requiring a rebuild and 3 angle job so i ended up going to comp springs 986-16 and that was probably the best choice i think i could have done.
broke again 23.04.2015, 11:03
how were weak valve springs leading to a pressurized crank case?
jcolbert43 23.04.2015, 17:58
Valve float was the primary issue, got a bad diagnosis from an incompetent mechanic at a shitty shop. Not to mention the shop lied about having an obd1 code scanner and claimed the eec was completely fried. Too bad for them I already had one from advance and that's when I decided to trace the problem myself.
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