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Anyone Ever Drill a Wheel for a Valve stem?

Bears11GT 12.07.2014, 21:08
Hey guys this is my first official post so be gentle?
I did do a search on the topic and *** it my question has already been answered. So I don't care I wanted to see a 1 after "Posts", plus I have a Boss Intake I need to sell and 100 is a long way away if theres an answer to my every question already  ;) So here goes...
I bought some tubes to put in my ET Streets (this is my first time with tubes and m/t's) and the tire shop said it was a tubless rim?? I'm a noob anyway so I wanted to make sure that there would not be any problems tightening the ring to the rim/stem after I drilled that hole out a bit? I read that the hole did have to be enlarged to use the tubes, so has anyone done it and how did that turn out? Any issues?

Thanks for the help
10seclx 12.07.2014, 22:50
Done it before a few times with no problems. But I've also done cocaine and hookers with no problems.
Bears11GT 16.07.2014, 23:27
would I still be able to use a tubless tire?
10seclx 16.07.2014, 23:41

Originally Posted by Bears11GT:

would I still be able to use a tubless tire?

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