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Cooling Issue

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sara2344566 05.06.2014, 22:11
Just purchased a 91 gt. It is suppose to have a 347 stroker, It has a edelbrock high flow water pump, 180 t stat, champion 4 core radiator with matching 12" electric fans.. The car runs around 190 at idle without pressure (radiator cap off) when the cap is on temps go up very slowly, if I go drive it, seems to heat up pretty quick it gets to about 2******0 and I shut it down.. it has aluminum afr 185 heads and I don't want to risk damaging them (if they aren't already)
Anyone have any suggestions on why its heating up?
Blue'03SVT 06.06.2014, 01:34
Have you burped the system well?
Jrayecu 06.06.2014, 01:45

Originally Posted by Blue'03SVT:

Have you burped the system well?

X2 and make sure the fans are wired with the right polarity so that they are pulling if on the back or pushing if in the front
533stroker 06.06.2014, 08:31
I always run 160 t stats and run more water than anti freeze due to the better heat transfer of water . Worse case is the head gaskets are in backwards but I wouldn't think that yet
sara2344566 07.06.2014, 01:18
The fans are pushing air towards the motor, I let it run for a while with the cap off and watched for bubbles, it would every now and then burp coolant out... what's the proper procedure to burp this motor?
The headgasket tabs are showing in the front of the motor which im told is the way to tell if they are on the correct way, is this true?
sara2344566 07.06.2014, 01:20
I just took it for about a 15 minute drive, temps got up around 215 its 930 at night so its not super hot out.. I brought it back and shut it off before it got any hotter.
Blue'03SVT 07.06.2014, 03:11
Is the thermostat possibly installed backwards?
sara2344566 07.06.2014, 12:45
Its the correct way, spring facing the motor
policeman50 07.06.2014, 20:34
check the belt routing and make sure that the water pump is spinning the correct way?
sara2344566 07.06.2014, 23:26
Its correct
533stroker 08.06.2014, 13:37
Any idea on age of water pump ? Are you seeing flow when you have the cap off ?? And I'm not asking you to take the cap off while it's hot !!!
circletrack5.0 08.06.2014, 14:24
do you have under drive pulleys on it?
jbro78 09.06.2014, 13:23
If it does have underdrive pulleys on it with a high flow water pump. Its possible that the water is moving to fast through the radiator not giving it time to cool off.
sara2344566 13.06.2014, 22:06
Yes it has underdrive pulleys and a edelbrock victor jr water pump. It didn't overheat with the previous owner though is that gets me.. I'll try and switch the pullies to stock pullies.
sara2344566 13.06.2014, 22:07
Yes I saw flow with it running and cap off, but it seemed kinda weak to me.. its got a huge 4 core radiator could that be why the flow looks kinda weak?
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