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Memorial Poker Run May 31, 2014

cjlinam 88 pony 29.05.2014, 11:53
I know that this is a mustang sight but anything will help this is my brother inlaw that is probley one of the best men I know and fathers to he leaves behind 3 kids and any help will do so if you want to help text me to call me i don't care

Memorial Poker Run on May 31,2014.
DEEZ-67 29.05.2014, 14:05
right on
cjlinam 88 pony 29.05.2014, 14:40
Anything is welcome man cars trucks bikes it don't matter this is to help with all the cost that my father inlaw is goin to have so what ever I can do to help I'm goin to do
cjlinam 88 pony 29.05.2014, 14:41
I forgot to put this on there my number is 4******5
SunnyD 03.06.2014, 10:39
I would be in.. but that is quite a ride from N OKC then around and back.
Best of luck to you and everyone else, and sorry for your loss!
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