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Good local sn95 tuner

eds300e 10.05.2014, 21:09
Hello, new to the forum and looking for assistance and advice. 95 mustang gt with headers, 373 gears, x pipe w/o o2 sensors, a/od tranny and just purchased AFM PMS to program it. currently running rich and want to correct it and slowly add more performance parts in the future.

Any advice or referrals?

joshgn 11.05.2014, 00:36 ben head writes the tunes, he's in the okc area...
eds300e 12.05.2014, 03:57
OK, will research this, thanks!
jdholley 12.05.2014, 16:01

Originally Posted by joshgn: ben head writes the tunes, he's in the okc area...

Good guy, does all my stuff.
eds300e 15.05.2014, 02:36
Have been trying to contact him with slow and little response for the last couple of days, any other recomendations?
DasHengst 15.05.2014, 03:13
Bo woody with aps automotive, what tuning solution are you planning on using?
eds300e 16.05.2014, 01:21
Just bought the AFM pmsIV and like to have it installed and learn from it. That is my 1st choice.
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