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eliminating the PCV valve and going to filter?

sknitsloa 30.04.2014, 19:32
Alright I dropped a 5.0 in my old 65 Mustang. I had bee having problems with losing oil and smoking like I was fogging for mosquitoes. I finally got some help and determined oil was getting sucked into the intake through the PCV valve.

Since I don't have any of the emissions stuff my friend just recommended I eliminate the PCV Valve and drop in one of those push in filters. Has anyone done this? What filter should I get? Most of the ones I have seen appear to be for valve covers.

Thanks for any help!
circletrack5.0 30.04.2014, 20:00
don't listen to your friend, replace the PCV valve with a new one. if it's still sucking oil, you have other problems.
sknitsloa 30.04.2014, 20:30
What would cause it to suck oil through the PCV Valve? New build...just had the heads gone through...
circletrack5.0 30.04.2014, 21:55
a few things will cause excess blow by. usually worn cylinder bores or broken rings. a leak down test will tell the story...

i just went through a 5.0 that someone botched the assembly and broke 3 top rings, among other things.....had to replace 3 pistons, re-hone the block and a new set of rings.
sknitsloa 01.05.2014, 00:49
I don't like that

I'll try a leak down test...
po-po 5.0 01.05.2014, 15:59
The only thing you'll accomplish by removing a PCV valve and going to a breather is that instead of your motor sucking oil, you'll be smelling it oozing out of the filter out every stoplight. That smell gets old fast.
shotsy242 30.09.2014, 12:11
Is there a baffle in your valve cover to block the oil from being splashed directly into the PCV valve? If you can see the rocker arms through the PCV hole in the valve covers, you may want to switch to a pair that has an internal baffle and it should stop your oil consumption problems.
Aerocoupe 30.09.2014, 19:09
Not sure what the OP did one way or another but this may help others down the road. On an injected car with Mass Air do not put a breather type oil fill cap. This causes an issue with unmetered air getting into the combustion chambers and causing issues but mostly at idle. If you are having a problem with blow by and the PVC system is in good working order you have another problem entirely. Do some research on this and you will see what I am talking about, here is one conversation about it and it seems like Joel5.0 shows up in the majority of them especially over on


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