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2002 Silverado C1500 / 5-7 drop / 20's.

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392ciFOX 27.04.2014, 16:26
2002 Silverado C1500 Regular Cab.
4.3L Vortec V6 with 164xxx miles (Daily, mainly highway miles)
Oil changed every 2.5 to 3k miles.
Lowered 5/7
20" Texas Editions
Two month old 255/35r20s
7" Double Din
2 DD 512s in a ported box inbetween seats (have center seat that goes with truck)
Boss Riot 3400 watt amp

New battery
New alt
Fairly newish oil pan
Replaced heater core
New turn signal switch
New brake switch

/-- replaced/added under 50k miles ago--\
Spark plugs/wires
3.73 gears
Sirius XM
rotors and pads

there is more, i just cant think right now. Has a couple dents on the passenger bed side, and needs body work/paint on the rear driver bed quarter panel.

wanted to trade for a fox body.
m_ridgeway 27.04.2014, 21:42
Have a cash price?
Jester84 28.04.2014, 00:19
Too Bad its a 6cyl

Nice Truck
PGWA 28.04.2014, 12:31
How much for cash?
392ciFOX 28.04.2014, 21:23
baron 29.04.2014, 16:00
what is big rob entertainment?
392ciFOX 29.04.2014, 18:48
No idea what you're talking about. :) adds like 50hp..
392ciFOX 04.06.2014, 13:03
$4500 or trade for a Fox.

Truck has suede headliner now.
392ciFOX 16.06.2014, 13:58
Truck now comes with an LQ4 6.0, just needs to be put together and put in.

Block, 317 Heads, cam, crank, pistons with rings, all rods and bolts, lifters, and intake manifold.
blue96gt 16.06.2014, 23:11

392ciFOX 31.12.2014, 04:13
Bump. Put new bed on, same color, rollpan, 03 tails, and 22s with 265/35s. All it needs now is a tailgate, and I'm going to line-x the bed soon as well.

Attachment 70561 Attachment 70562
bonecrusher 01.01.2015, 04:47
your new links dont work
392ciFOX 27.01.2015, 04:55
Attachment 70693
bonecrusher 31.01.2015, 23:36
picture links still don't work.
392ciFOX 02.02.2015, 18:32
Well What The hell..


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