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3650 needs rebuild, what is a reputable shop in OKC?

LeeJay 15.04.2014, 19:30
My 3650 won't go in second, feels like the shift fork is bent or the plastic piece is broken. Need to know a reputable shop for a basic rebuild for a street car. Also average costs for a rebuild if anyone knows.
LeeJay 15.05.2014, 23:25
Really, no one has a suggestion?
SunnyD 18.05.2014, 08:03
jcolbert43 09.08.2014, 07:54
The dealer charges or the ass like always. Blumenthal doesn't do too terribly bad but mine was 1400 for an aod. Try del city transmission on 29th. He usually runs around 900 and he warranties his work
Boosted95cobra 10.08.2014, 14:21
Bluementhals did my tremec tko on my cobra . If you go there ask for Harry and tell him Curtis with the black 95 cobra sent you there . He will hook you up. Great service.
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