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Transmission swap

pieces5 06.04.2014, 13:23
I've been thinking about swapping a t5 swap for my 85 F1******1w, truck is a track/weekend toy. Looking for opinions on good idea or bad idea. It has a np granny gear trans with a brand new clutch and flywheel. I know I'd have to look for a trans out of a v6 new edge for the bell housing to match up. Also would the clutch and flywheel work with the new trans?
po-po 5.0 08.04.2014, 17:52
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the clutch in your F150 hydraulic? I know my '92 bronco was.
pieces5 13.04.2014, 13:59
You sir are correct. Smh Guess I'll just keep looking for a c4. So much for doing something different. Lol
pieces5 15.05.2014, 08:08
Any chance at any other transmissions out there working? Perhaps the 5 speed from a newer model?

I'll need something different because the i6+4 speed+(Whatever gear ratio is in it now) would top out at like 65-70mph. With the 351 in it now plus 3.73s soon to come, I doubt this trans would be a good choice.
po-po 5.0 16.05.2014, 16:13
My '92 was a factory stick bronco. Kinda rare. The stock box was an M5OD. POS mazda box used in the exploder/navajo/mountaineer, and I think ranger. After my second destroyed tranny, I swapped in a ZF S542. This is granny-first AND OD tranny that can be found in F250s. Obviously you'll need one from a gas motor F250. Damn thing is indestructable, and you can use all factory parts to install it.

It is, unquestionably a truck tranny, though. If this is truly a track toy, you're much better off sticking with an auto. Perhaps an E4OD with a bauminator controller might be an option?
pieces5 17.05.2014, 07:01
Yep this truck will hopefully be a bit of a sleeper when it's all said and done.
If I go auto it'll probably be a C4 because I already have a flex plate and a mini starter that came on the motor from when it was mated to a C4.
Thanks for the input and info about the ZF.
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