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5.0 efi to carb

thedeliveryboy 26.03.2014, 22:33
I know its probably been asked time an time again. But I cant find the right distributor. Its a 92 5.0 from a truck that is going in a 72 ford truck. Ive tried the 85 mustang m/t dizzy and the base is too big! And ive tried 5 dizzys from 82 to 87 and even a $200 proform that is efi to carb specific! Either the base is too big or not dura spark or the pump shaft is too short! Does anyone know a part # for a direct swap dizzy?
hotrodkid05 27.03.2014, 03:28
I had one from an 81 f150 in mine for along time. Also had one out of an 84 mustang. Never had any issues like that.
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