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Sbf intake question

mustangracer84 22.03.2014, 05:32
Hello everybody, my buddie bought a 331 a while back and it came with this "spyder" fuel injection intake, which is basically a carb intake converted to MPFI. My question is the upper elbow on this is really weird and I don't see how a fox t-body could mount to it? Also my buddie asked me to sell it for him, so I was curious if you guys could help with a rough value/price on these parts? Thanks! --David Attachment 69175Attachment 69176
mustangracer84 22.03.2014, 05:34
all I have is the lower intake, and this carb adapter with a weird flange on it Attachment 69177
mustangracer84 22.03.2014, 06:43
I lucked out and found some info on the elbow, or "snorkel" as they refer to it. It appears to be a professional products #70212, that go new for $200ish... Seems they are mainly for LS1 throttle bodies or a 4" round adapter... Anyone have any experience in using this on a sbf?
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