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Msd digital 7 plus

Jrayecu 13.03.2014, 02:00
I installed a digital 7 plus on my car and can't get my laptop to sync with it. I don't have the connector type that it comes with on my computer but I had a USB convertor so I tried that . The box seems to be working fine other than I can't connect to it . Has anyone else had this problem?
joshgn 13.03.2014, 02:05
Might be the usb/serial adapter settings are wrong...or the wrong port is selected on the 7 box...

what OS is on the computer?
Jrayecu 13.03.2014, 03:20
It's windows xp . I can't get it to show that any ports are hooked up, I think it may be the adapter I will try to buy a new one tomorrow and see if that will fix the problem.
93turbolx 17.03.2014, 00:52
Did you install the driver for the serial to USB adapter?
Jrayecu 17.03.2014, 01:39

Originally Posted by 93turbolx:

Did you install the driver for the serial to USB adapter?

I tried but it was a really old adapter and I haven't been able to find the exact adapter that I need . I am going to buy a new one that msd recommends for it and see if it makes a difference .
93turbolx 18.03.2014, 00:27
Any adapter will work but none will work if you don't install the driver.
Jrayecu 20.03.2014, 23:39
I got a new adapter that came with a driver and it worked perfect thanks.
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