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will ford warranty new struts if you have lowering springs on?

BrytniNoell 12.03.2014, 12:56
I'm hearing a crunching noise on my front driver side. I mostly notice it driving slow over small bumps or cracks. Not at higher speeds. Sounds like it may be the strut and is gradually getting nosier.
I have lowering springs, if I take to to get the strut fixed will this void the warranty does anyone know or have had this problem? I had the noise before i put the springs on too.

2014 GT 11k miles
jgibson 12.03.2014, 13:07
They won't warranty it if you have lowering springs on it. You need to change the shocks and struts when you put lowering springs on the car
Jefro 12.03.2014, 22:22
Could also be the strut mount. The stock ones are junk
donsbad89 12.03.2014, 22:29
They will not warranty struts that have been fatigued due to lowering springs and operating them outside their designed capacities. Take this as an opportunity to invest in a nice set and some upgrade strut mounts.
Jefro 13.03.2014, 00:53
Koni is running a 25% off sale right. I just bought some yellows and am going to sell my Str T's
mr. anderson 13.03.2014, 15:47
the shocks n struts on the brembo's I had lasted about 3k miles before they went to pooh on me, and I did the FRPP "P" springs, i think, they lowered the car 1.25 inches overall. not much.
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