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Gas Gauge.

newedge2k 11.03.2014, 14:06
I recently traded for a 1992 LX with a 4.6L/T45 and the gas gauge does not work in it.
I purchased a good used gauge cluster from a buddy, does anyone think that just replacing the cluster could fix this issue?
Also the tach/speedo are off by a little.
Or is the gas gauge not working caused by a sending unit? Or something else?
squeak 11.03.2014, 17:18
I would first guess sending unit before the cluster being bad. Unless someone did a hack job on the wiring behind the cluster to install the 4.6 stuff.
newedge2k 11.03.2014, 18:17
Well I will find out on the cluster when I replace it this weekend.
But I assumed it had something to do with the sending unit.
That's in tank on these right?
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