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Detroit True Track

Deavos2plus2 01.03.2014, 09:03
Does anybody have any feedback on the Detroit True Track for street/strip use??
Whitetrash 01.03.2014, 19:18
I have one for a 8.8 i'd sell ya for $100. 28 spline. I have never used one, so I'd have a hard time telling you the good and bad. Got it on a trade when I installed a spool in a guys car.
Deavos2plus2 02.03.2014, 00:50
Thanks, but building a 31 spline 9"
rfcsoulja 02.03.2014, 02:02
Mine works great....but it's for a 7.5 and I'm not really killin the hp charts sooo take that for what it's worth.
BlueStangGT 02.03.2014, 14:16
I've had my 8.8 31 spline version for about 7 years or so and have had great luck with it.
m_ridgeway 02.03.2014, 20:36
Great diffs. Had one in my cobra and loved it. Jrhaden has one in his car too I think
Blitzkrieg 03.03.2014, 02:52
I just put one in my 12 GT, along with a set of 3.73 gears. Both wheels now spin evenly in the burnout box at the track. It seems to work pretty well going around corners on the street too.
red94cobra 03.03.2014, 03:55
Dad blew one up on his second or third launch on it. Went to a spool after that.
jrhaden 03.03.2014, 04:26
I've beat the shit outta mine and it's still working just like day 1.
Deavos2plus2 04.03.2014, 00:37
Thanks for the info! Think that's the way I'm going.
orangeRcode 04.03.2014, 18:35

Originally Posted by BlueStangGT:

I've had my 8.8 31 spline version for about 7 years or so and have had great luck with it.

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