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1/4 and 1/8 time estimates

crobertson405 25.02.2014, 03:54
Was wondering what 1/8 and 1/4 times i might be looking at. I have a 87 gt with a 331 stroker n/a 9.8.1 cr. comp cam 282hr, vic jr intake otb, afr 185s otb, a 650 holley dp, 1 5/8 lt header, 2.5 in eaxhaust, c4 with shift kit etc 3******0 ptc stall, 3.73 grs. 275/60/15s. ssm lowers and adjustable uppers, lakewood rear drag shocks, pretty much stock up front
n1slumer 25.02.2014, 04:05
high 11s would be my guess.
olds442 25.02.2014, 10:48
foxchassisfreak 26.02.2014, 15:38
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