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Pilot bearing removal

gingerbredman00 16.10.2018, 03:43
Super cheap way to remove a pilot bearing, but it only works if your pilot bearing still has the actual inner bearing section.

StreakerOk 16.10.2018, 07:59

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imajeenyas 16.10.2018, 12:16
But then what would my wife use to make my sammich?
533stroker 25.11.2018, 04:13
I'd like to see that guy fight some of the ones I have . That shit would not work and neither would grease . Slide hammer works on maybe 50% of them . I've had to cut two of them out .
orangeRcode 25.11.2018, 06:07
Very nice. I end up using a chisel most of the time.
donsbad89 07.07.2019, 04:45
I have the proper tool and it takes 15 seconds
imajeenyas 07.07.2019, 05:29
Holy old thread revival!
orangeRcode 07.07.2019, 05:57

Originally Posted by donsbad89:

I have the proper tool and it takes 15 seconds

The bread trick does work. However, there's nothing like having the proper tool for the job.
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