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Key Question: 2002 GT

OkieHog 02.02.2014, 16:20
I just purchased a 2002 GT, with 5 spd. Really good project, but, it has no key. What is the easiest, cheapest way to get a key for this thing?

Help is appreciated!
vandy09 02.02.2014, 21:17
Ebay. Buy an unprogramed key. Then take it to a dealer with proof of ownership and they will burn it for ya
10seclx 02.02.2014, 22:39
Or call A better locksmith in Edmond. They can make your a key
OkieHog 03.02.2014, 01:00
I am in Ardmore, so that is kinda tough, but, I could go to the local dealership-- if I actually trusted them! (And I don't think much of them).
OkieHog 03.02.2014, 01:00
I like this idea. Think I will try it! Thanks!
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