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Oklahoma Street Car Shootout - Tulsa, OK

donsbad89 17.01.2014, 00:18

Come hang out and have a good time. Should be a fun race.
King Dingaling 17.01.2014, 00:34
What about ppl without FB?
smokedoutcoupe 17.01.2014, 01:02
King Dingaling 17.01.2014, 01:05
Holla at cha Facebook!
02GT 17.01.2014, 20:17
medrick 18.01.2014, 03:07

April 19, 2013
Tulsa Raceway Park, Tulsa, OK


Oklahoma Streetcar Shootout is a drag racing event for serious owners of serious cars as well as the inexperienced-but-hungry-to-try performance car guys and girls. We are structuring the Shootout, making the rules, and opening the field so that at the end of the day we crown Oklahoma’s Fastest “Streetcar”. It will be a day with plenty of opportunity for everyone to race at the Tulsa Raceway Park and have chances to win some cash, get a trophy, snag a sponsor’s prize, or……gain a spot on some “List”. If you have the fastest streetcar in Oklahoma, come and prove it! If you’re not the fastest, come and have a good time racing others with cars similar to yours. A chance for anyone to win something and have a good day; fastest car or not.


It’s not street racing on a drag strip. It’s not a “no-prep” race. It’s not a reaction to anyone or anything. It’s not a putdown or a statement.


It is legal-to-be-driven-on-the-street cars (“streetcars”) competing against one another at a drag strip after they have proven their ability to survive a short, purpose-built-drag-car-killing cruise. It is the place to find out how fast your car is, how good your reflexes are, how well you have tuned the thing and where you stand among peers. No more bench-racing or keyboard qualifying. It is a chance to show your stuff or discover your stuff in a place where the outcome is open for all to see. It is an event produced by regular streetcar guys who love racing and want to have an event aimed at “us”. We want to have a time and a place to do our callouts and our throwdowns and our challenges where we can settle issues. The big end clock don’t lie!


Well, since we signed a contract to rent the track, we get to define “streetcar”. There is no standard definition. Look around. There is no “right way or wrong way” to have a streetcar event. If we were check with 100 other events we would have 100 other definitions. By the way, none of us who are paying for this (we just want to break even) will likely win any title or bracket. We are faster than some and slower than others. We know there are racing series with set classes and specifications. There are events with their own class rules. These are ours. These rules will include what is actually seen driving around some street in Oklahoma without getting a ticket for simply doing so. We are saying that a streetcar is a car that is legal and able to drive on the street in Oklahoma and will also have to prove that it can drive a short cruise and not overheat, run out of fuel, breakdown etc. We won’t have a long cruise. After about 20 miles it’s just burning gas. Doesn’t matter if you drive it to work everyday, every now and then or just to pull out on weekends. While almost every car in the state could be ticketed for some equipment failure if the trooper wants to find it, we are defining “streetcar” more or less like this:
You are driving and it’s a sun-shiny day. You get stopped by a police officer or trooper for not signaling a lane change. This trooper likes performance cars and when he approaches, you don’t show an attitude and you don’t have any outstanding warrants. He sees that you are properly tagged and insured. He warns you about using your signal. Then he looks over you cool car and asks you questions about it as he admires it and compliments you on it. He overlooks the dark tint, the Borlas/Magnaflows, the…..whatever else, and you drive away with no equipment citation though he could have listed about twelve. In that case YOU HAVE A” LEGAL” STREETCAR as far as we are concerned. If he sees something and he says “sorry”, but just CANNOT overlook that whatever thing, even with the latitude he is given in his job, and tickets you for open zoomies, wheelie bars, etc. then YOU DO NOT HAVE A LEGAL STREETCAR…..for this event. We want to allow the most forgiving definition of a streetcar possible so as to include as many cars as possible. After all, if it can cruise and if the OHP lets the guy drive off without a citation, who are we to disagree!? And we’ve spent some time finding out what those forgivable things are from the people who make those decisions. Our rules (see them) reflect the above definition. If you can, want, and are able to drive your car on the streets for a distance far enough to prove you’re not one of those “push it to the lanes, then tow it to the pits” cars, you’re good for Oklahoma Streetcar Shootout.
We realize not everyone will agree or be happy with that definition. It’s all good. But it is the one we are going with because it is the one that reflects the reality of what is actually on the streets in Oklahoma and other states. So, see the rules. They are guaranteed to please many and alienate the rest. But the actual fastest streetcar in Oklahoma will be able to race for that title under this definition…because it’s a streetcar!


Tech Inspection.

Upon entry and before any runs are made each car will undergo a tech inspection. The inspection will be twofold:
1) The usual NHRA tech inspection by the Tulsa Raceway Park (TRP) techs. This tech inspection will be the same as TRP conducts for regular events, Test-N-Tunes, etc. It is out of our control. Your responsibility.
2) At the tech-in, cars will also be inspected by an Oklahoma Streetcar Shootout (OSS) tech to ensure that the car is legal to cruise by the rules listed here. If a car does not pass the TRP-NHRA tech then it cannot make any runs at TRP. If the car passes TRP-NHRA tech but does not pass the OSS cruise/street-legality tech inspection then it can make runs at the track but cannot cruise or compete for any of the streetcar brackets or streetcar titles. But that car may compete in a special “not-so-legal” bracket. The decisions of TRP inspectors for NHRA safety and of OSS inspectors for street cruise legality are final. No refunds will be given since NHRA rules are known and because OSS rules are spelled out here. (Note: Newbies and 12+ second cars, if your car is more or less stock or has some “bolt-on” mods, etc., you probably don’t need to worry about the NHRA inspection a lot if you are “normal”. That inspection is looking mostly at equipment that 11 second and faster cars are likely to have and those guys should all know. You still have to pass it. Get a link and check it out.)


After tech inspection, street-legal cars will line up for an escorted, single-file twenty-mile (20+/-) cruise which will involve highway and local traffic conditions. There will be a trail-car following the cruise. If anyone drops out, stops, or deviates from the course and is passed by the trail-car, they will be disqualified from competing for a bracket or title. They will still have opportunity to make passes in non-bracket lane calls, call-outs, grudges, list challenges, etc. No re-fueling allowed during the cruise. Do drive politely and do not break local laws, speed limits, etc. The cruise is police escorted and will be expected and welcomed by the locals, but it is not an invitation to hot rod, do burnouts, rack the pipes, etc. We want to be able to come back and do this again. Our rules allow some pretty liberal deviations from strict interpretations of state equipment laws. (We have run them past some “professional-types” for “agreement”.) Cruisers will not be stopped or ticketed on the route for these equipment rule “deviations”. However, driving like a nut is not covered. The cruise is to weed out any “push-to-the-lanes-and-tow-to-the-pits” cars and to show your car is able to be driven on the streets without having to stop for over-heating, fuel, etc., etc. If you can cruise 20 miles you can cruise 100. It’s just gas….and time. This is not about how big your fuel tank is. Cruise well, my friends.


When the cruise returns to TRP all entrants having successfully completed the cruise will be given fifteen (15) minutes to prepare their car for qualifying runs. At this time racers are allowed to top with fuel, check fluids, adjust air pressures, open bottles/heaters, mount wheels/tires of their choice (any NHRA approved DOT or non-DOT tires allowed after cruise), etc. No MECHANICAL changes can be made to the powertrain or exhaust system. When lanes open for qualifying runs, each car will be allowed two passes (three if schedule allows) to establish their dial-in/bracket time. The quickest elapsed time (ET) of the qualifying passes will become your dial-in time.


After qualifying is completed a bracket sheet will be announced/posted which will show your car in one of the following: Quick-16 (or 32), 9.00-9.99, 10.00-10.99, 11.00-11.99, 12.00-12.99, 13.00-13.99, 14.00+, and the “Not-quite-so-legal” bracket for those passing NHRA inspection, but failing the OSS streetcar inspection. The Quick-16 will race heads-up, ladder style with #1 vs #16, etc. using a 0.4 Pro Tree. Time indexed brackets (9-14+ seconds) will race within their group by random pairings using qualifying times in a handicapped start format on a 0.5 Sportsman tree. The allowed 0.1 second breakout cannot put a car into the next faster bracket. Timing lights will be on.

Bye Runs/Lane Choice.

Fastest car in previous round gets the bye. Fastest dial-in gets lane choice.

Lane Calls.
Listen for lane calls. If you don’t make the final warning and call, you’re out.

1. Tag. Current state (or tribal) tag. (Must be the tag allowing street use, not off-road type tag). An Oklahoma tag for the fastest streetcar in Oklahoma…after all.
2. Insurance. Must have current insurance verification of the same type required by law enforcement and matching the car’s VIN.
3. Lights. Working headlights, tail-lights, brake lights, turn indicators. (If a bulb is out, not a huge problem. Just not most of them.)
4. Brakes. Functioning four-wheel brakes in good working condition.
5. Chassis. NHRA legal. No other restriction.
6. Glass. Safety glass (or state/NHRA allowed alternative) where there is glass or supposed to be glass.
7. Mirrors per state regulation (minimum two at required locations).
8. Exhaust. No open exhaust (turbo cars excepted). After-market muffled exhaust, including cat delete, allowed. No hood discharge, zoomies, etc. Think streetcar. Turbo cars may have muffler-delete system IF the car is quiet enough to drive on the street and is comparable to a muffled car and no louder than the Magnaflow/Borla type. Must be NHRA legal.
9. Wipers. Not required.
10. Seatbelts. State approved seatbelts or harness (NHRA) required.
11. Tires. DOT tires required for cruise. Racer’s tire of choice (DOT or non-DOT) allowed for qualifying and racing (subject to NHRA rule). Import car tires limited to 25.0 inches tall maximum. Domestic car tires, no limit.
12. Fuel. Any fuel allowed.
13. Forced induction. Any forced induction allowed.
14. Nitrous oxide. Allowed.
15. Suspension. Any suspension permitted by the state to be driven on the street allowed.
16. Doors. Must be operational.
17. Fiberglass doors, hoods, panels. Allowed. (Single piece bodies not allowed.)
18. Wheelie bars not allowed on cruise. Only on track
19. Parachute, if applicable cannot obscure tag on cruise.
20. No individual track/launch prep.
21. Deep staging must be indicated by clearly marking “DS” on windshield for starter.
22. No staging duels. Starter may DQ either/both at his discretion after 7 seconds.
23. No brake standing before end line. Peddling OK.
24. No burnouts past tree except for Qucik-16, Big Tire and Small Tire, as needed.
25. Any Streetcar competing for Fastest Streetcar must enter staging lanes and progress to starting line under own power. It must return to pits under own power unless disabled resulting in inability to continue competition.
26. All NHRA required equipment per your e.t. or speed.


Street Cars - Those competing for “Fastest Streetcar” or competing in indexed bracket race classes for streetcars.

Fastest Streetcar.

• Fastest Streetcar/Oklahoma (must cruise)

o $1000 for 1st Place
o $500 for 2nd Place (16 car minimum field)

• Fastest Streetcar/non-OK (must cruise)

o $1000 for 1st Place (16 car minimum field)
o $500 for 2nd Place

PLUS - $1000 Bonus to winner of shootout between Oklahoma bracket vs non-OK winner for total of $2000 for fastest Streetcar of the Meet.

Fastest Streetcar competition will be determined by each entrant’s best qualifying time in a ladder of quick-16 (or 32) with #1 vs #16, etc., using a 0.4 Protree and single elimination. Oklahoma ladder will produce a winner (Fastest Streetcar in Oklahoma title). And Non-Oklahoma ladder will produce its winner. Each winner will receive the first place prize for their category ($1000) and then compete in a “one-and-done” heads-up race for the overall streetcar winner of the day and win an extra $1000 bonus for a $2000 total.

Streetcar Brackets.

• 9.00-9.99 second bracket (cruise not required)
o $100 for 1st Place
o $50 for 2nd Place

• 10.00-10.99 second bracket (“)
o $100 for 1st Place
o $50 for 2nd Place

• 11.00-11.99 second bracket (“)
o $100 for 1st Place
o $50 for 2nd Place

• 12.00-12.99 second bracket (“)
o $100 for 1st Place
o $50 for 2nd Place

• 13.00-13.99 second bracket (“)
o $100 for 1st Place
o $50 for 2nd Place

• 14+ second bracket (“)
o $100 for 1st Place
o $50 for 2nd Place

(Cash award for 8 car minimum per 9-14 second brackets)

Each et bracket of for 9.00 – 14+ second streetcars will compete within their et bracket (10’s against 10’s, 12’s against 12’s, etc.) by random pairing and using a 0.5 Sportsman tree. Heats will be handicap started based on dial-in on window established by each contestant’s fastest qualifying run. Single elimination. The winner in each full second bracket will win $100 and 2nd place wins $50. Other prizes will also be awarded in each category by contingency sponsors.

Non-Street Cars – Big-tire race cars, small-tire race cars. Streetcars not passing streetcar inspection/cruise eligibility.

• Big-Tire door-slammers.
o $500 1st Place
o $250 2nd Place

(Purse based on minimum 8 car field)

Heads up race on 0.4 Protree, no power-adder limit, must be full-bodied (no 1-piece bodies)

• Small-tire door slammers.
o $500 1st Place
o $250 2nd Place

(Purse based on minimum 8 car field)

Heads up race on 0.4 Protree. Tire maximums: 28/10.5 slick, ET Street 28/13.50, any size Drag Radial on 15” rim. Full-bodied car. No full tube chassis. Back half cars allowed.

• OSS Tech DQ’d streetcars. (non-street eligible, non-big tire, non-small tire)

Race in either above Non-street category as eligible (including entry fee paid and equipment) or race in callouts, grudge, list challenges, etc.


• Competing for Fastest Streetcar in Oklahoma (or non-OK) $50
• Competing for Streetcar Indexed (9-14+ sec) Bracket Races $35
• Big Tire Car $50
• Small Tire Car $50

NOTE: Purses may increase as our sponsorships grow but they will not decrease.
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