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Need help on setting up nitrous

2.3t lx 14.01.2014, 14:00
I have a 94-95 mustang gt. Ill kinda of give you the basics on it. Has stock e7 heads, stock headers but have h pipe and mufflers, upper and lower typhoon intake probably switching to the svo motorsports upper and lower. 70 mm bbk throttle body cold air intake. Im looking to put a 100 shot of nitrous to it using the wet system and need to know what all changes to make. Such as spark plugs timing etc. And if I have a afr gauge and fuel pressures about what readings should I no longer spray
broke again 14.01.2014, 14:40
do you already have the wet system?
2.3t lx 14.01.2014, 14:53
I have a partial kit im still missing pressure gauge, bottle heater. Thats it. Do you have one for sell or something?

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anfrobodine 14.01.2014, 15:53
If you have a wet kit for sale I'm looking for one
B Hayes 15.01.2014, 19:59
The 94-95 dont like alot of timing to begin with so rule of thumb is 2 degrees for every 50hp of nitrous. If it was mine i would change plugs ( colder autolite 23 ) and pull 4 degrees of timing from where it is at now or where u currently run it at. Oh and use good gas not 87.
2.3t lx 16.01.2014, 15:11
My timing is currently set at 16 degrees so you think run 12 degrees of timing colder plugs for sure with less of a gap and see what happens? I have a afr gauge is there a reading at what point I should stop spraying

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strokeme383 26.01.2014, 07:27
I would back it down to like 6-8 degrees of timing first, then go from there, you can run what ever has you want, being a wet kit I take you have a small fuel cell for to feed the nitrous, I would run some good race gas in that
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