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anyone heard of them?

Mattp 08.01.2014, 21:29
Anyone heard of or bought from them. They specialize in mustang salvage parts it seems.
jrhaden 08.01.2014, 21:50
Been around forever and higher than giraffe pussy
baron 08.01.2014, 21:56
imajeenyas 08.01.2014, 22:01
What jack said
trevnut 08.01.2014, 23:40
Call them and jew them down on price.
Mattp 09.01.2014, 12:45
Cool thanks for the info.
02gt194 09.01.2014, 19:43
yup don't be afraid to jew or argue on price
donsbad89 09.01.2014, 19:47
Used to be called Mustang Parts Specialties and had to change to MPS after all that Mustang branding fallout around 7-10 years ago
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