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What kind of power would this set up give

StreakerOk 07.01.2014, 20:09
My oldest daughter is building an 81 notch.she has a 347 eagle forged crank eagle forged I Been rods 10.1 srp forged pistons. She wants to go with Edelbrock victor jr heads. A Victor jr intake holly 750 carb. The cam is a comp cams part # 248HR-14XFI. Now my question is is this a good drag setup and what kind of power are we looking at. She also wants to spray it .

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StreakerOk 08.01.2014, 12:35

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StreakerOk 09.01.2014, 14:41
One more try. TTT

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trevnut 09.01.2014, 15:06
I'll run some numbers and see what I can come up with tonight.
newedge2k 09.01.2014, 15:21
Through an auto?
What kind of fuel?
Spray amount?
From what I've looked around at I would assume it depends on the jet size and how aggressive the person tuning it is.
Could be anywhere from 400 to 500+.
I can't figure exact I'm not that smart I really just looked up the cam and looked for people with similar setups.
And they all ranged differently.
Hope that helps a little?
StreakerOk 09.01.2014, 15:58
Yes sir it does. She will run pump gas 91 octane. The nitrous kit is adjustable from 1******0 the trans is a c4 with a trans brake . And an 8.8 with 4.56 gears.

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newedge2k 09.01.2014, 16:58
Yeah I'd say in the 450 range probably.
Killer torque numbers though no doubt.
Hopefully Travnut can give you a more specific number.
StreakerOk 10.01.2014, 01:52
I like the sound of that .I look forward to what travnut comes up with.she wants to hit the 500 mark .so it sound like we might be close.

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trevnut 10.01.2014, 02:03
A 10:1 347 with vic jr heads, comp xfi248hr-14 cam, vic jr intake and a 750 carb will probably make about 440/415 @ the flywheel. Peak hp would be in the 6300 area and peak torque in the 4800 area.

IMO, 4.56 is way too much gear though. If running NA in a 3000 lb car with 4.30's and 28's on a good day the car should run in the 10.90-11.00 @ 120 range. If running a 100 shot in a 3000lb car with 3.73's and 28's the car should run in the 10.00 @ 131 range. If running a 150 shot in a 3000lb car with 3.73's and 28's the car should run in the 9.70 @ 135 range.

I would shift it @ 6800 and limit it to 7000 max. The converter will make or break the way it runs.

FWIW, BJ's car had a 347 with vic jrs and a smaller cam, it ran 11.60-.70's NA and would run 9.70's on a 175 hit.
StreakerOk 10.01.2014, 12:30
Wow! Trevnut thanks! You gave us what we wanted and more.sounds like we got some more tweaks to make and she is were she wants to be. Thanks for the help.

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strokeme383 26.01.2014, 07:41
I would take an Anderson N111 cam with some titanium retainers and run that up to 7,800 rpm and get down that track a little better, if you go with a solid cam you are really gonna see some better hp gains!!!
StreakerOk 26.01.2014, 11:52
That is worth looking into. She is joining the forum. That way she can start a build thread and ask people here. And get advice on her build her self. She is really wanting to kick her build into hi gear.

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97black4V 26.01.2014, 20:47
Thing I see is using the production block I would keep the rpm down specially on the hose just my thoughts though
donsbad89 26.01.2014, 22:17
3******0 hp race gas to the tires thru the auto N/A. Will run mid to low 11's N/a. Around a 10.50-10.20 on a 150 shot. My bracket car used to make 385/488 and ran 11.0s in the heat thru a c4. Best pass was 10.86 @121
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