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Need help with tire size!

vicks89hatch 02.01.2014, 19:10
Will 345/25/20 into tires fit my 20x10 wheel
newedge2k 08.01.2014, 21:10
I highly doubt.
I've seen people fit 315s on a 10.5 wheel and it was pushing it.
I couldn't imagine using a tire with a 25 sidewall any way!
Post pictures if your able to.
newedge2k 08.01.2014, 21:30
If it helps.
Overall height would be 26.8 inches.
What kind of car is it going on?
A better bet would be a 285/25/20.
Overall height would be 25.62 inches.
5.0man 08.01.2014, 22:39
Nitro recommends a 12" wide wheel minimum. 13" max.
trevnut 08.01.2014, 23:41
Won't fit!
10seclx 09.01.2014, 00:05

Originally Posted by trevnut:

won't fit!

vicks89hatch 12.01.2014, 00:53
Thanks they were pretty cheap on Craigslist but I figured they were to wide. Just looking for a wider tire to go on my 13 gt. I have 275/35/20 now and they won't hook up at all.
newedge2k 13.01.2014, 02:01
Wider is not always better.
It would be more so about compound.
And I would say a little more sidewall.
A 25 series isn't much.
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