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Just had a thought

2.3t lx 18.12.2013, 14:39
I was kinda curious on if the motors or anything are different from a 84 svo to a 88 thunderbird 2.3t. I have both laying around and was curious which one to use for my swap. Im putting on of these engines in my 89 mustang lx hatch. And was wondering what kind of track times I should expect bone stock with the 88 turbocoupe computer. And what kind of weight. Then where I should go with it to make it even faster
pacettr 18.12.2013, 16:49
IIRC the T-bird has a smaller turbo, but a better VAM and PCM. Exhaust and intake manifolds are different as well.
King Dingaling 18.12.2013, 17:45
A good source would be "white trash" he was running 10's with a 2.3t
93ksstang 18.12.2013, 21:03
If you don't mind rebuilding a turbo I've got one off an 84 turbo gt car. It has the .63 a/r cold side and .60 hot side. It has shaft play I'd be willing to sell.
2.3t lx 19.12.2013, 13:36
Could I take parts from the two motors to build one good one? Both are fully dressed motors with exhaust manifolds turbo and all.

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93ksstang 19.12.2013, 15:10
Yes everything will swap over from one motor to the other. Use the better parts if you can.
2.3t lx 19.12.2013, 17:02
Im saying like which would be a better short block? And what of the two intakes, exhaust manifolds, and turbo should I use

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93ksstang 20.12.2013, 00:03
The short blocks should be the same but don't quote me on that, as far as the intake if you have one of the square body intakes use that, and if you have one that uses the larger turbo on the exhaust manifolds use that. I'd have to look up the part numbers on them on which to use since I can't remember off the top of my head.
Whitetrash 20.12.2013, 02:22
Never went 10s, but did get a 11.6x out of it. I also believe that both short blocks are the same, and both good pieces. As far as the heads, I believe the turbo coupe head should be a D port, and the SVO piece should be oval port. I've been out of the 2.3 turbo game for a couple years, but at the time the boys on preached that the D port was better. I think they both are fine. I would, and did, throw the stock computer away. Vane air meters suck. As cheap as old Fast systems are, I would go that route. Put a Felpro head gasket (can't remember the #, but believe it's the stock replacement) with arp undercut studs, and it should hold a pretty good amount of cylinder pressure. I ran 32 psi of boost and a 70 shot of nitrous with a conservative tune, and never had an issue. Get on
they will help you with any questions you may have. If you want to sell your other long block, either one, message tintmaster. I think he's looking for one.
pacettr 20.12.2013, 14:49
IIRC the E6 ex manifold is the one to have
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