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Oklahoma Streetcar Shootout, April 19, 2014

4.6LPoppy 14.12.2013, 22:21
I need to change my name to just "Poppy" instead of 4.6LPoppy. I put a pushrod sbf in that '00 so its no longer 4.6. Somewhat bigger! Anyway. Cold weather is here and we’re doing those winter projects on our cars. But I want to announce some good news for Spring time in Oklahoma. Tulsa Raceway Park will be the site for the “Oklahoma Streetcar Shootout”, Saturday, April 19, 2014. We don’t have all the details ready to share yet, but we have locked the date with TRP and are making preparations with principal sponsors to make this a really great event. We are structuring the meet rules so that “streetcars” running anywhere from 14+ down to “8-ish” can come and compete for a time bracket (10, 11, 12, 13, 14 sec, etc.) title or the main event title of “Oklahoma’s Fastest Streetcar”. The event will include a short cruise for the “Fastest” title-seekers (quick 16) and the time bracketed cars. There will also be a bracket for the “sorta-streetcar-but-not-quite” to address grudges and callouts, with any “lists” which might be circulating. We will have trophies and sponsor’s cash for various “bests”. We’ll have more details as we go. We’re trying to get this word out through clubs and forums as a best way of finding the people who will enjoy this the most and help keep the entry fees down. Please spread the word and watch for more info as we get closer. - Poppy
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