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January 19th - Annual Charity Car Cruise - Paul Walker Roww

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Third Honk 07.12.2013, 21:14
As some of you know I lost two friends (Kevin and Eric Green) in a car accident 5 years ago and started a cruise on the anniversary of their passing to celebrate life and doing the things we love while we can during our short time here. That eventually evolved into an annual charity to further a legacy of helping others. Since then we have had the honor of being a part of fulfilling the last wishes of two Oklahoma children (Ellie Kate and Addyson) through donations to the Oklahoma Make A Wish Foundation. We also raised $2,500 dollars for the Susan G Komen Foundation in honor of Katrina Larson who lived here in Oklahoma city and passed away after a two year battle with cancer starting at age 19. She is without a doubt the most inspirational individual I have met or will ever meet, her courage and attitude through countless painful surgeries and unbearable treatments truly changed my life. I miss her everyday, thanks so much to everyone who came out last year, you cannot know the gravity of what that meant to her family after losing her just before Christmas.

What a great time this always is to be around so many car people and be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves, thank all of you who participle every year. We have every type of car show up from exotics to old muscle cars, garage queen's to daily drivers. It's not about the cars, it's about the passion for them, all are welcome

This year our annual cruise is going to give to Paul Walkers disaster relief foundation ROWW. You probably know Paul Walker from the movies, but if you don't know about his charitable organization ROWW, as an Oklahoman you should. Paul Walker's legacy is certainly his love of cars but most importantly his charitable nature, research the man, he made the world a better place with existence.


On Sunday January 19th all those who would like to participate will meet at my home from 1:30pm - 3:00ish for socializing & snacks. Come when you can in that time frame

9101 NW 87th Yukon - (405) 4******4 is my number

For those who donate you will be entered into some car related door prizes that I'll purchase and we will draw for around 3:00. If you have anything that could be donated as a door prize (if you own a business we'd love to promote you if you're participating in this event) it is much appreciated, please private message me.

You can donate directly here, please bring your tax deductible receipt to be entered into the drawing and so I can tally how much we are able to give.


If you’d rather bring cash or a check made out to the Reach Out WorldWide Foundation on the day of I’m doing a bulk mail to the organization after the event for such donations

If you don't have a nice car but share the passion for them and carry yourself respectfully I want you to come, if you can't afford to make a donation I want you to come. I will make a donation in your name for your time, your presence speaks as much as your donation.

At 3:00ish :) we will leave my home and set off on a 50 mile cruise of some of the most epic and open highway that Oklahoma has to offer where we will end up at Louie’s Grill and Bar in Yukon where we have the banquet room reserved for us at 4:30. This is such a great location with fantastic food and they take care of us in a private setting, big thanks to Louie's in Yukon.

1600 Garth Brooks Blvd Ste 100, Yukon · 3******0

Bring your camera’s and Go Pro’s, the area that we will be cruising will afford us all kinds of opportunity for pictures and vids. If you have any other ideas on how to raise money for Paul Walkers foundation whether it's getting people with nice cars to get sponsors for their miles (I'd sponsor a dollar a mile to ROWW for the wildest exotic that can come so we can see it, I'll bet others would do the same whether it's a dollar or a 25 cents a mile) or anything else that would encourage participation and raising money for charity I'm all for it, please don't be shy with idea's on how we can make a difference :)

This is such a great event each year and I look forward to another great turn out from the best people on earth, car enthusiasts. RIP Paul Walker, you are a great man that touched so many lives. I hope our humble car cruise can further your legacy of enthusiasm for cars and selfless giving, you will be missed.
DEEZ-67 08.12.2013, 23:39
Very cool
Jefro 09.12.2013, 00:33
I'm going
jgibson 09.12.2013, 01:23
I'm going to try and be there!
Prohibit 09.12.2013, 02:16
Going to be a lot of fun!
Third Honk 09.12.2013, 13:31
Would also like to mention that although the focus is Reach Out World Wide and Paul Walker it's also about Roger Rodas who died with Paul and was a partner in reach out world wide, had charities of his own for El Salvador, was a car enthusiast, and was a father and husband.

Well this is getting crazy fast :) Not even a month away and I've got 85 people signed up so far :D Keep them coming and I appreciate the help :) Louie's won't have the capacity for everyone but there are other restaurants around that I'll check into. For those who don't care about eating there should be plenty of parking around Louie's for overflow and one of the reasons I chose that spot if you'd rather just walk around and talk.

With the new empty development behind my house I should be able to handle 200 cars so if you haven't committed to going yet don't be afraid to, it's going to be one heck of a car show and just a ridiculous amount of cars from what it looks like :)

This is the five year anniversary of my friends passing so I wanted it to be big this year for their mother who has become a part of my family, it looks like I won't be disappointed :) Also would like to show Reach Out World Wide that we appreciated them coming to Oklahoma during our disaster relief needs.

Thanks everyone for your support, last year was awesome and this year looks to be the biggest ever with tons of car people.
Third Honk 14.12.2013, 01:50
So far we have 188 people signed up and nearly 16,000 people have viewed the event :)

Thanks everyone, this is going to mean so much to a lot of people who would normally be hurting this time of year as well as those Reach Out World Wide is able to assist as a result of your efforts.

However, I do need help I'll need 5 volunteers to assist with parking at my house which I don't foresee as a problem. It will be as easy as having a flashlight and waving people through a predetermined parking path that I've already come up with, as long as I can get the volunteers this will go off with out a hitch.

Depending on how much bigger we get in the next month I'll also need a couple of volunteers at a second location that will house overflow (I'm thinking that school just west of piedmont road) to get donation totals from those individuals and just be there so the overflow knows that's where they are suppose to be. I don't think this will be needed unless we get to 500+ and I don't see that happening but just putting it out now so I can be prepared :)

I also need a few volunteers to collect donations and write down receipt amounts so that we can get a tally at my house if I can. Otherwise our parking volunteers can direct participants to my garage after parking where we will have a couple of tables (I need two of your basic big fold out tables if anyone has access to these) set up to take donations and take care of this. For those who make donations we will pass something out like a keep sake business card that details the event and thanks them for their donation.

We will have a meeting on Saturday the 18th for those who volunteer where we will discuss the logistics of the event, I'll feed you and stuff too :) If you work on Saturdays we will meet privately at a time that's convenient for you. All help and suggestions are much appreciated, thanks everyone :)

This should be one huge sea of cars and a nice time to just walk around and check out a lot of cars :)

We have overwhelmed Louie's which they are extremely excited about :) Plan right now is I'm in contact with restaurants along that garth brooks blvd area and getting a number they can handle for each. I will then post a facebook poll with the different locations as well as the capacity for each. Everyone is STRONGLY encouraged to take the poll as soon as possible on facebook so that car groups and friends can all eat together if that's what they want to do. Otherwise there appears to be a lot of overflow space in the adjacent strip mall next to Louie's and several other places I'm in contact with, we should all still be able to stay together. I'd like to keep everyone close together and this area is going to be great about that and really why I chose it as a location last year.

This seems like the most logical solution to the shear number of people going :) If anyone has any other ideas I'm all ears.

I will also use facebook to postpone the event until the following week if it looks like we are going to get unlucky with weather as the event draws near. Please put this event on your prayer group's list if you have one and pray for cooperative weather :)

I'm beyond excited for this event. Like I said I need:

- 5 volunteers at my house for parking (I'd love to have 10 - 15 so we could rotate in shifts),

- Possibly 2 or a small group of volunteers at the school for overflow but I don't foresee this, this location would be a great spot to film for my video guys though, would love your help too if we need overflow

- Two standard folding tables or more like you'd find at a health fair and I will take care of the rest and setup our pregame meet Saturday and get everyone comfortable with what's going to happen game day :)

- Please volunteer if you can and don't think someone else will step up, this is the only area that could derail this event, I need help from my peeps and am calling in all favors :)

Thanks everyone for your support, please spread the word about the need for volunteers for those who are going to what is lining up to be one incredible event :) Here is the event page on facebook that I will be relaying information as it comes, this as the central location for updates is simply my only option for dealing with 200+ people so please keep your eyes on it :)


Thanks again everyone
Jefro 14.12.2013, 15:21
I can help with either one
dtm'11GT 24.12.2013, 02:54
will be there!
Third Honk 08.01.2014, 00:38
223 so far and the poll is up, please observe the limits the restaurants have asked for when voting (expand all the comments for the map and restaurant limits, it's the first post in the comments of the poll.) Check out the map and let me know if you have any questions. The poll is just below the original post/ description :) Get your votes in early with your friends if you want to eat at the end :)

Third Honk 08.01.2014, 03:18

A. Louies Grill & Bar – can take 50
G. Pizza Hut – can take 100
C. Johnny Carino’s – can take 100
(between B and C) Freddy’s Frozen Custard – can take 100
H. Rib Crib BarBQ – can take 75
I. Tokyo Moon– can take 30

Let me know where you want to go and how many are with you and I'll add you to the numbers for that restaurant on facebook if you don't have an account and can't vote
Third Honk 10.01.2014, 02:01
Louie's has no seats left but plenty at the other restaurants. If you want me to put you down somewhere and don't have access to the poll on facebook just let me know. If you don't want to eat at the end and just want to drive with us that's fine too
90 left at Pizza Hut
96 left at Carino's
93 left at Freddy's
75 left at Rib Crib
30 left at Tokyo Moon
Third Honk 12.01.2014, 23:36
Just a heads up Pizza hut is NOT where google maps says it is, it's across the street. If you still want to eat there great, if not let me know you want to change from Pizza Hut to something else.

I'd encourage everyone to reserve at Rib Crib as they'll be giving 10% of everyone's tab to Reach Out World Wide.

You can let me know where you'd like me to put you and I'll do it. If you've shared this on another forums please try to get them to participate in letting me know where their group would like to go or if they want to sit and eat at all at the end.

Thanks. Weather looks great so far.

I'll be announcing parking instructions as well as secondary locations Tuesday.
Third Honk 15.01.2014, 01:33
PLEASE READ: Thank you so much for the overwhelming support, we are expecting 300+people to attend based on our numbers here. I can’t wait to see all the cars and see how much we can raise for this very important charity.

On the aerial view of my house you can see streets being developed directly behind it. These streets are now fully developed and if everything goes as planned we should have a lot of parking space back there. It should make for a great spot to check out cars and get to know other enthusiast, we will park and meet from 1:30 until we head out at 3:00, the weather looks great so far.


Our secondary location will be Battison Honda at 8700 Northwest Expressway, please see where it’s located in relation to my house. We will be taking donations in my garage, handing out route maps with the location, and handing out a keepsake for those who donate. We will be doing the same at Battison Honda with the same 1:30 – 3:00 time frame.


If Battison Honda becomes too full look at the satellite view and you will see additional parking that is not utilized on Sundays all around it.


Also Northwood Elementary located west of Piedmont Road on Northwest Expressway is right along the cruise route and would make a great location for photography or as additional space for overflow. We will not have donation locations at those additional spots beyond my house or Battison Honda so please let me know here afterwards if you donated online or would like to donate and we will get you a keepsake and add you to our total for donations.


This is the cruise route (50 miles) that we will be taking at 3:00. I will have flyers with the map of the route and restaurant location you have reserved to eat at, if you do not make a reservation I will have additional flyers based on how many the restaurants can hold.


PLEASE MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS in the comments of this thread (tell us how many are coming with you and which restaurant you’d like, or if you wouldn’t like to eat put that too and I'll make you an additional map/flyer.)

Once the flyers are passed out or all of the reservations are taken that will be the limit on those who would like to eat afterwards. IF YOU POSTED THIS CRUISE ELSEWHERE please get a restaurant they would like to go to or a NOT eating vote and let me know ASAP in the comments. Please also share these pictures about second locations etc. with your contacts that are coming but may not see this (you should be able to copy this whole post if you quote it.)

There is a large parking area for overflow at the restaurants but even that will be limited, PLEASE SUPPORT the restaurants as they are going to give 10% OF OUR TABS to Reach Out World Wide. Just write ROWW on your ticket or tell your server/cashier you are with the charity cruise.


This the restaurant locations. Pizza Hut is not where Google maps says it is, it’s across the street. If you’d like to stay with the group choose from the other four restaurants we have listed, there are additional restaurants across the street if parking becomes an issue or we run out of space. Please keep parking open on that side for the individuals who have made reservations at the restaurants if it does become an issue.

A secondary parking location for those who would not like to eat might be good at Staples across the street but you’re on your own at that point, I’ve opened 425 spots at restaurants and don’t expect more than that based on the feedback, if that needs to change you are responsible for giving me that feedback.

Louies – No seats left
86 seats left at Carino's
92 seats left at Freddy's
70 seats left at Rib Crib
24 seats left at Tokyo Moon
8 - Not Eating

Just remember this is a charity event so please be respectful and be a good representation of how car enthusiasts conduct themselves at such events. If you ever have any questions you can call or text Jeremy at (405) 4******4 or Ray at (405) 3******6.
01turbowolf 15.01.2014, 15:16
count me in
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