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January 19th - Annual Charity Car Cruise - Paul Walker Roww

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DAN 05 15.01.2014, 17:32
Very cool, but Paul Walker?
Third Honk 15.01.2014, 18:20

Originally Posted by DAN 05:

Very cool, but Paul Walker?

Did you read about his charity work or the ring he bought for the Iraq veterans anonymously?
DEEZ-67 15.01.2014, 19:04
It's a great charity Dan. nod
Third Honk 15.01.2014, 19:36

Originally Posted by DEEZ-67:

It's a great charity Dan. nod

Third Honk 18.01.2014, 03:00
436 people signed up on facebook, most say they are bringing friends and that they've invited others outside of facebook :) I really have no idea how many people might show.

For this reason we have setup a third donation location. This should be a huge charity event if everyone who has said they are going to come shows up. Sunday looks gorgeous so I'm expecting a good turn out.


Third donation location will be located behind Battison Honda. We talked to an executive who could not get a hold of the owner but said they support charity, she wasn't told that we "couldn't" use that location, and no one will be there Sunday :) I cannot emphasize enough that everyone is respectful at each location, if you feel the need to do burnouts or leave property in any other way than the way you arrived at it please do not come to the donation locations. Please also remember that donation locations need to be given priority to those who would like to donate to ROWW, if you don't plan to donate please ensure that there is parking at each location for those who do. If you'd just like to be a part of the cruise that's great, please find a place along the cruise route to wait to join us if parking looks like it's becoming an issue after going to the three locations we have set up. Can't wait for Sunday, if we get the numbers that are coming in this should be huge. Thanks everyone
Third Honk 19.01.2014, 16:12
501 people signed up so far just from facebook, thanks everyone
DEEZ-67 19.01.2014, 23:30
Wish I could of been there.

Waiting to see some pics.
jrhaden 19.01.2014, 23:43
Was insane
10seclx 19.01.2014, 23:45
Heck ya where are the pics
Third Honk 20.01.2014, 00:59
Hundreds of cars and that was just my house, Battison was totally full and Express had 150 or so. The most insane turnout of cars I've seen :) Thanks everybody



Huge group upfront


Huge group coming out back


This loop was insane, so many cars

SunnyD 20.01.2014, 03:50
Attachment 68552Attachment 68553Attachment 68554Attachment 68555Attachment 68556
A few pictures that I snapped, way more to come, and the turnout was awesome!
Good work Jeremy!
69fastback 20.01.2014, 03:53
Skyline broke down in Shawnee. Crappy day for us :(
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