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Going with two more cylinders

dragterjr93 08.11.2013, 14:02
Hey guys I'm in the process of getting parts together for a 302 swap into my 98 sixxer.i need to know what all do I need to make the swap possible.what ECM and harness will I use and which parts are interchangeable? Any help would be greatly appreciated
EskimoJosh 08.11.2013, 14:43
Its a hell of a lot easier/cheaper to sell a V6 and buy a clean V8.
foxchassisfreak 08.11.2013, 17:43

Originally Posted by EskimoJosh:

Its a hell of a lot easier/cheaper to sell a V6 and buy a clean V8.

DasHengst 08.11.2013, 18:40
as a person who has done the swap i agree with the above statements
orangeRcode 09.11.2013, 15:15
Unless you have a wrecked donar v8 with everything you need to make the swap, save yourself the headache and expense as others have said. If you have the donar car already - proceed with gusto.
FiveLeeter 11.11.2013, 14:22
what everyone else said. It'll nickel and dime you to death...
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