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2014 turbo ford 4 cylinder national race at tulsa ok (October 10th-11th)

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boosted87notch 10.10.2013, 23:43
We have been holding a 4 cylinder Ford Turbo national event for the last 2 years. The first year, 2012, was at Gateway Motorsports Park in Maddison Il. It was a blast to see 15 running 2.3 powered turbo fords together at the same time.

The second year (2013 august 31 st) we held it in conjunction with the Fun Ford Week End at Bristol Dragway in Bristol Tn. We had 13 cars show up from all over the country. Cars came in from Texas, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, and Virginia.

Mrswift came in from Tulsa Oklahoma. Chris, (JustAddBoost) came from west Tx. Shannon (Stinger) flew out to watch and help out. Matt Culpepper (The Flying Clutchman) brought project bolt on and ran it. Dale (TR6Turbo) came in from Ohio with his TR6. Steve came from Michigan. WesK brought his RX7 and his dad RodK brought his T'bird in from Charlotte. Joe Laramee brought his Pinto in from Il. Dennis (Denz) drove his Volvo headed notch from Michigan. Dave Flanders brought his Pinto in from Mi. Don Haulsee drove his Volvo headed 76 Capri, raced it, and drove it home. There were also other cars there and I apologize if I've left a few out. We had nice variety of cars but no Merkurs or Rangers.

The 2013 purse was substantial as Esslinger donated 2 scripts worth $1000 each to the winners for a head or block. There ware also cash payouts. We are working on the same type of deal for 2014.

The 2014 race will be in the mid west at Tulsa Oklahoma. It will be held with an All Ford Weekend type race. We are in the process of scheduling with Tulsa Raceway Park and Eric (Flyin) on the Tulsa raceway park forum.

The 2014 format will be 2 classes, a quick 8 for the fast cars, and a bracket race .500 tree for the bracket class. Any Ford 2.3 turbo powered vehicle with doors are welcome. The race promoters have decided that dragsters or altered won't be in the race group but are welcome to make Test-N-Tune passes. We are working on the other classes for the big Fords .

Every year mrswift makes up participation stickers for the cars that show up.

There will be a Barbeque Friday before the tnt at one of the local Turboford members. You can camp at the track. There are bathrooms and there are some rental RV spots with electricity. These have to be booked in advance. This will be a larger venue with many other cars so book well in advance. Tulsa raceway park has a reputation as one of the best traction surfaces. Mike Edwards and Rodger Brogden test there regularly.

We will be starting a participants thread soon. Once its up you can go on and state your interests. If you have any questions email Tom ( --

I posted about this idea a few weeks ago . and I've made contacts and got the ball rolling for our turbo ford 4 cylinder national event in 2014 here at Tulsa raceway park. im working out the details and talking with the track as far as the date , but am shooting for September October of 2014 . I talked to Erick and he is meeting with trp management for scheduling . I will post more later , but there is a thread on for the sign up list. please go on there and sign up if ur interested in racing or just showing up to watch .
any 2.3 lima based turbo ford powered car is welcome. has to have doors to race for the purse . altered and dragsters are welcome if they are 4 cylinder turbo ford powered for tnt and exhibition . I know there are a lot of these 2.3 turbo cars around , we would love to see all of you. the past 2 years not a single merkur or ranger have showed up . come on guys .
mustangracer84 11.10.2013, 08:31
If I can get my xr back together in time, I'll take it
itltrot 11.10.2013, 12:16
I am certain we will be there. Probably spectating unless we can get the bugs worked out and the details finished. Looking forward to this event!!
boosted87notch 11.10.2013, 13:30
remeber this event is a year away. so u have plenty of time to get ready , we have cars comming from south carolina , ohio , michigan, illinois .and florida , virginia and one guy says he is towing his car from springfield oregon . this is ur chance to come and play , and see many different takes on the little 2.3 turbo ford engine .
foxtrot 22.10.2013, 22:58

Originally Posted by mustangracer84:

If I can get my xr back together in time, I'll take it


Get that thing together.

You can't see it, but I'm excited about this.
82 GT 24.10.2013, 16:19
Hmm...I've been on the verge of a 2.3t project for a while. This may be my calling
Desi 29.10.2013, 02:49
I'll be down for it! May have to break down & finally buy some plumbing for the IC after all
mustangracer84 30.10.2013, 02:26
I'm needing a known good shortblock and a 4cyl t5. I have two rebuild able short blocks and a unknown c3...
boosted87notch 20.02.2014, 19:18
SORRY guys ive been alittle preocupied with house stuff, but this event is happining here at tulsa raceway park , there is a thread on the event.


its set for the same week end as mods vs rods, i have comfprmation from 10 out of state cars already , and i have 10 cars in tulsa that r comming, this will be probably the most 2.3 turbo cars ive ever seen together at one time. some of the cars comming are running in the low 9 s and a few boast of a 7 second pass with good air. so this will be awsome to see , 2.3 based ford mustangs and a few 2.3 t powered cars . i expect to see more signing up soon, i have cars from va,oregon, tx ok , kansas, nebraska , illinois , michigan , south and north carolina , and possibley pennsilvania , so lets show them all the oklahoma 2.3 turbo cars . i have 6 runninmg cars myself , and ive got drives comming from california , no=rth carolina and vermont. brian at esslinger is renting a mobile chassis dyno and we will be having a 2.3 t dyno challenge, the cost is tenative ly 40 to 60 bucks a car , thats not set in stone depending on how much the dyno costs to get there, the v 8 cars are welcome to run thier cars also they just wont be entered in the esslinger dyno challenge. so if ur intrested sign up on and look for 2014 national event thread . we are looking for sponser donations for purse mney, there are several awards , and ill have a photographer on hand for the 2.3 cars . if u have any questions email me at tom , im looking to get into the 10s this season. my current best is 11.63 @120.8 my best mph is 122.29 so im close , just need to cure the 60 ft problems 1,78 is not gona cut it ,
boosted87notch 28.02.2014, 13:59
hello guys . here is the oficial event thread on
.... if u have any questions pls contact me at u can sign up by posting ur intresst on the thread . we would love to have all the svos and 2.3 ford lima based cars . the car itself does not have top be a ford just the engine combo. thanks for ur intrest, tom
Desi 28.02.2014, 22:43
The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind & still going strong but I'll be there!
My brother sold his TC, and I sold him my SVO but we will have it at the event.
StreakerOk 01.03.2014, 00:32
The svo will be ready. Hopefully with the front mourning entercooler done

Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
boosted87notch 26.03.2014, 19:23
attention all 2.3 ford turbo lima based mustangs ,svo , xr4ti. turbo swapped cars , october 10 - 11 th tulsa race way park . 2014 diamond international 4 cyl ford nationals we will be running in conjunction with mods vs rods and diesel drags event , bring out those svo and xr4tis and any turbo 2.3 ford lima based powered cars or trucks . any thing with a lima based 2.3 turbo engine is eligable to race. currently diamond international has donated $500 cash for each class winner , and esslinger performance has donated $1000 in script for to be slip between the winner down to simi round in our 3 anual turbo ford 4 cylinder national even.
see linck for exact pay outs and details .
im working to make this the best event so far . there are also awards and prises for the participants. u dont have to race if u dont want to, come out and show ur car and see what everyone elses combos and performance . ive been to the last 2 event and there are an amazing number of takes on the performance set up for these engine.
stinger performance`s project bolt on the flying cluch man (matt cullpeper )along ran 9.99 at 137 last year ,

Dr JOE Laramee is brining his pinto blow through turbo went 5.61 @ 129 in the 1/8 last year , this is his street car.

brian fennel of fennel performance will be here with his ww2 themed coupe . went 9.03 last year .

curt hensley`s turbo toy pinto is comming, went 10.51 @123 last yr

steve bragwyn of diamond internationa tittle sponser is brining his pinto, says he`s gona run 8s this year.

criss aka just add boost 87 turbo coupe t bird ran 10.50s last year ,

don r haulsee is brining his volvo headed 72 mercury capri last year went 13.90s soft launch , trying not to brake rear end , drove the car 380 miles to the race and drove home .

and of course mr swift .ill be here with 5 cars , im racing my 87 lx coupe , looking to run 10s on low boost , best et so far 11.63 best mph 123, bad 60 ft , all new suspention this year.

micheal dunn will be in attendance with his sn 95 mustang volvo headed 2.3 went 12.10 at gate way, now more mods , looking for low 11s out of this combo.

tin man`s dirty bird will be here . also his turbo gt mustang.

chuck smiths 72 ford pinto turbo 2.3 big tire car , should be able to runn 11s . site owner paul leduk will be a hired gun for mr swift

wess kiser will be hired gun for mrswift .

the famous mr link turbo ray also will be hired gun for mrswift

joseph harper (aka cheezit) 84 svo will test his skills

Ohsoslowtc (Bruce & Tiffany @ TX) will be brining thier really nice turbo coupe.

there are many more we have not gotten comformation from like john huber , dave flanders , dale aka tr6turbo 72 triumph tr6 ran 10.70s at gateway. 12 time nhra record holder marty buth. rummers criss roth will be brining his turbo 2.3 alpine sunbeam. rcfts (Chris @ OR) will be towing from springfield oregon , long haul award i can gaurantee . plus many more that have not checked in yet. if u have any questions u can check in at the official log in thread and put ur name in the hat .

.... so come on out and play
StreakerOk 26.03.2014, 20:50
Links not working

Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
boosted87notch 28.03.2014, 13:39
sorry try these
event info thread ....
sign up thread ....
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