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2014 turbo ford 4 cylinder national race at tulsa ok (October 10th-11th)

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StreakerOk 01.04.2014, 02:48
Those links work.I will be there with a mostly stock 84 thay allow tent camping at the track or is it rv only.

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Blitzkrieg 23.04.2014, 01:50
This is on the same day as Ford vs Buick!
boosted87notch 25.07.2014, 18:53
ill check to see about camping . and yes unfortunately the mods vs rods and ford buick shoot out ended up on the same day. its gona short both event some cars , but the tracks sell the event dates early in the year and both tracks had this week end open for our events so , it is what it is. good luck to all. there are 18 racers signed up for the turbo 2.3 race. and ive talked to about 8 to 10 more drivers currently working on their cars . so this will likely be the most turbo 2.3 cars together at the same time.
only 78 more days , my fast car (lexi) is up and running strong. last tnt she went 11.06 @122.93 mph . best et to date. and mph. and that was just on an initial suspension set up. i wil be tuning the suspension so im looking for a 10 second pass soon. i have my stroker motor finished and sitting on the stand , it should be good for another 100 hp with some more boost and 1600 cc injectors. im thinking about going full methanol and soon as i get the roll bar in im thinkin low 10s . so stay tuned and watch. 78 days to go ....... whoooo hoooooooo.............
boosted87notch 31.07.2014, 13:47
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itltrot 12.09.2014, 15:03
Bump!! K & I are exited for this event! hyper Hoping to have Nasty Notch ready to participate. fingersx
boosted87notch 08.10.2014, 22:23
ok ladies and gentlemen , only 4 days left till the action . tee shirts are done , posters are done and they look badd ass . my car is mostly done. 2.5 stroker hx35 , 50 shot of nos. brand new set of et street pros . should be fun. how many are comming .???
Desi 09.10.2014, 19:50
Looks like I have to bail, our weekend guy has to leave town for family crap and the other one has kids ball games. On top of that the SVSlow is still down, so GL to all, and I BETTER see some awesome pics from this shin-dig.
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