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92 GT, rich idle, stalls

OLDREDGT 25.09.2013, 02:08
I (my son) have a 92 GT. Its pretty much stock as far as i can tell with the exception of an off road H pipe and mufflers. The car started to sputter under acceleration (light or heavy) and died. So, he replaced the fuel pump and filter. It started, but rich and was blowing black smoke. So... he has since bought a new MAF, EGR, IAC, dist cap, rotor and O2 sensors. The O2's were replaced and it did seem to start and idle better but if you touch the gas, it stumbles / stalls and almost dies and smells very rich.

I'm thinking fuel regulator, dist module...

I will greatly appreciate any help. I have been fortunate and my past cars were mostly performance upgrades or obvious problems that were easy to diagnose. He and I both are on limited budgets and cant throw much more $$$ at it.

We pulled codes but i cant find them. Ill post them when I find them.
FoMoCo1 25.09.2013, 05:18
fuel regulator would be my guess
squeak 25.09.2013, 13:40
Pull the vac line off of the regulator and see if it smells of gas. If so, then the diaphram(sp) is bad and causing too much fuel to get bye.
dragterjr93 20.02.2014, 16:34
Did you try a tps(throttle position sensor)?
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