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supercharging an 03 mach 1

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Rex Schuler 07.07.2013, 14:37
there are two procharger "kits" in the classifieds on the mach1 registry right now


Palmer 07.07.2013, 15:34
Not sure if this is still available, but this is a good deal
Palmer 07.07.2013, 15:35

Originally Posted by Phoenix:

Keep the shaker, go procharger and have a great street car without having to worry about your internals.

po-po 5.0 07.07.2013, 23:17

Originally Posted by Curtis0423:

What supercharger kit is there? Do I buy one for a cobra or a mach 1? what's different between the two motor rather then the supercharger

You have to be more specific than "the cobra." Your car has a motor that's almost identical to a 99-01 cobra, but differs drastically from an 03-04 cobra. A kit for an 03-04 cobra assumes you have that car's factory intercooler/lower intake setup.
OWMach1 09.07.2013, 00:05
Throw a vortech or procharger on it. No reason to delete the shaker or hood. Its what makes a mach a mach.

My mach made 464/402 with the vortech on 7.5lbs. Added some boost and fuel and went to 631rwhp.

The mach 1 motor is and aluminum non forged piston and rod verson of the 03/04 motor. So basically a 01 cobra shortblock with 03/04 heads, cams and slightly different intake than the 99/01.
Curtis0423 09.07.2013, 03:32
I'm just not to big on the pro charger but I can always look into it. But I have read that you have to chance the front plate, is this true?
FiveLeeter 09.07.2013, 17:12
Kyle McCrary has a V2 Vortech complete for $2200 in Midwest City.
Curtis0423 09.07.2013, 17:40
Which one is better, vortech or procharger
Grimster 09.07.2013, 18:52
important question - what is your budget?
Curtis0423 09.07.2013, 20:59
That's still up in the air right now, don't wanna get into the motor just yet. I'm going to wait until I hit 100k on the motor then tear into the motor and stroke it out hopefully
po-po 5.0 09.07.2013, 21:47

Originally Posted by Curtis0423:

I'm just not to big on the pro charger

Considering this thread, I can't imagine this is a well informed opinion,but I'll ask: why?
97black4V 09.07.2013, 22:24
Yea im with blake id run a procharger before id run a junk ass eaton.
Curtis0423 10.07.2013, 14:50

Originally Posted by po-po 5.0:

Considering this thread, I can't imagine this is a well informed opinion,but I'll ask: why?

Just don't like the look of from when you open the hood, but I have been doing some reseach and I think I could live with the way it looks under the hood.
Phoenix 10.07.2013, 15:34
Performance > aesthetics
97black4V 10.07.2013, 16:43
I think they look 10x better than a damn PD blower. And sound cooler imo. And imo they make more usable horsepower and torque. Never really understand having most ur power and stuff at the hit. Specially on a street car
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