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Need 4.6 mustang exhaust manifold

BlckCobra 23.05.2013, 15:53
Need 2v 99-04, Exhaust manifolds
Kernsx21x 24.05.2013, 00:21
Stock exhaust or aftermarket?
BlckCobra 24.05.2013, 13:16
Stock, or aftermarket if they are shorties
Kernsx21x 26.05.2013, 01:13
I have my stock manifolds available.
BlckCobra 26.05.2013, 02:02
What you want for them?
96Mustang460cid 28.05.2013, 16:31
I have a set from a 2003 Ford F150...not sure if they're different. You can have them if you want them.

Have a good day!
fsstnotch 28.05.2013, 17:00
I have a set in mwc... you can have them. I was going to throw them in the next car that goes to scrap
BlckCobra 28.05.2013, 17:56
Are they off a mustang?
fsstnotch 29.05.2013, 10:46
they are off a 99 gt
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