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which brakes to go with?

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the mex 13.05.2013, 09:16

Originally Posted by snacksnack:

Damn how much lighter is the ring gear? Wonder what that cost to get turned down like that.

3.8ish lbs lighter..including buying pro gears,its about $750 for the gears,lightening and polishing.after they are done with it,there isn't a sharp edge on it and it looks like a mirror.
stormy69 26.06.2013, 21:42
this all seems way off topic for a guy trying to figure out how to get better 4 lug brakes at a decent price.... i dont disagree that adding lightness is a great idea, but the costs can get high when talking about rotating mass in particular.
sleepercoupe 01.07.2013, 16:45
As mentioned, don't do race brakes for something on the street, staying four lug is killing your options, if you just rebuilt them and bought good pads shoes you would be fine. $400 sounds high for stock parts even new.
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